Poll: Revert Cumans TC Build Time

Cumans have been brought up by many in the community, especially this bonus, without a clear consensus anywhere. Hence, this poll.

Cumans 2nd Town Centre requires a large initial investment and is risky to pull off on any map but Arena now that a meta has been established. Should the build time be reverted to the standard for all other civs?

  • Yes. Reduce the build time.
  • No. Keep the build time the same.
  • Reduce the build time, but it is a fixed build time regardless of villager count.

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Maybe revert but cannot be sped up by extra villagers. This also makes the stakes low :slight_smile:
Just my thought…
Exact time might be able to be tweaked…

Yes, the feudal TC must have the standard build time.
Also a vill production cap in feudal would be nice (like in aoe3).

No, invisible caps are not organic

I like the third Idea of fixing the build time, as it makes it less punishing to go for it but also makes sure it can’t be exploited with a douche.
But I think it’s not enough adjustment. It still is very punishing to go for and the snowball potential if not punished is still too big.

I thought about a douche, but it’s super unrealistic for Cumans to pull off in 1v1 - the res you’d need, plus the fact your TC is going to have less HP when it’s built, and you need to get to Feudal to make it - plus the food requirements and wood requirements to keep them both making villagers and keep the forward TC up - it’s never going to be practical in games. At least, not from what I’ve thought.

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I think there is a video of viper even pulling it of when it was new.
But I agree it should be quite easy to stop, but there is also only one strat against it, which comes to my mind: Defensive tower.

And in think these are the ideal conditions for a noob basher strat.

If you had a cap the trying to win in feudal would be impossible.