[Poll] Should Hollywood History call Norse/Scandinavians Vikings or not?

Yet another simple topic in my opinion, but seems to be at great contention.

Please vote for your wanted name below.

  • Norse
  • Scandinavians
  • Vikings

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This poll assumes an umbrella. Realistically we could have Danes, Norwegians, Swedish and Finnish as separate peoples, and they would obviously be called these names respectfully.


Well, the peninsula is Scandinavian, it is more logical to call it Scandinavians.

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But the culture group is called Norse.

In any regard, since the naming convention of AoE4 is to give civ national names, it should be Danes, as they were the most active Norse group in the world stage.

They said they want much less civs, so realistically we are only ever getting 1 of them, if at all.


Rus’ had no nation that they are named after, they were a people/culture

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Yes they did, Kievan Rus, founded by the Rurik dynasty.

interesting they didnt go with “Kievan Rus’”
Sounds sexier imo

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Because Kievan Rus is a modern designation, based on the original Rus culture that had it’s center of power in Kyiv/Kiev.
After the Mongols destroyed Kiev, the center of power moved Northwards to Novgorod and Muscov, both of which are Northern Rus, but still Rus.

So they just wanted to incorporate the whole period in one name, and Rus is a very good option for that.


Why not just call them Vikings? After all they are Vikings.

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They are not :roll_eyes:


How are we gonna have a Vikings civ if we are gonna split them into a million different civs?

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Vikings is Pirates, not a civilization. Proper Vikings representation, would be an unit named Viking, which is what they were, a job.


A Viking civ needs more than just a unit called a Viking, I want to see Longboats, Berserks with helmets that have horns and fjords.

There is no such thing. Viking was a job, not the name of a culture.
That is like having a Carpenters civ, or a Miners civ.

Not reality. Norse helmets did not have horns after the Bronze Age, and even in the Bronze Age, the horned ones were most likely ceremonial.


Thank you all for the free entertainment

What about the Viking warriors you see in movies and the rest of their culture?

I want AoE to be based on Hollywood history not actual history, actual history is incredibly boring.

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Then AoE is not the game for you.


Please stop it. This is not the game you are looking for.


At this point he is trolling

Then again I’m pretty sure he admitted to being 16 at one point…

These are fake

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I thought that was at least partially real.

They were just pirates, the culture was Norse, and it was alreadty mostly christian, unlike what is portrayed in movies.
Calling it “Viking culture” is the same thing as calling the English “Longbow culture” or the French as “Chevalier culture”.

That is your problem. Adam Isgreen already said he wants this to teach real History.