[Poll] Should horsemen have been nerfed? Also, did Springalds deserve a nerf?

Hello. I hadn’t seen anyone on the forums complaining about horsemen, but they still got a nerf. Here is a poll!

Should horsemen have been nerfed?
  • Yes. The nerf was good.
  • Yes, but not in the way that they were.
  • No. They were fine before.
  • No, and they possibly should have been buffed instead.

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Should Springalds have been nerfed?
  • Yes. Springalds need a nerf
  • No. Springalds are fine as they are.

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What Springalds need is a big nerf against regular troops, and a big buff against sieges.
When playing against Chinese players who build 10+ clocktower bombards, I find there is no way to counter them. They have 950 HP almost to the point of elephants, Springald’s +20 bonus damage vs siege is a joke compared to it, 10 Springalds shoot together cannot kill even one, I got wrecked. I then tried to assault with 50 horsemen, again they got wrecked. And now horsemen become even weaker, the late game will become world of tanks, purely bombards vs bombards.

Hi elo gameplay even last patch, people were massing scouts vs springald and bombard spam.

My BIGGEST fear with nerfing springalds is that with Civs like Delhi that don’t get any special siege they lose a lot of their anti-siege capability. Nerfing springalds is a big nerf to Delhi (although it balances the other civs). Just feeling some Delhi sadness.

The plan is to keep their anti-siege and nerf their anti-notsiege

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Well spingards are in a hard situation. Are strong… But are needed to stop the damn op siege.

Indeed make them a bit less useful vs infantry would be nice

And then they went ahead and buffed Mangonels making springs more important.

well they just said in the patch notes that they are aware of springalds so what about chill and wait? it takes time to do something like that. So be patient.

“The dev team is also keeping a close eye on the ever-evolving meta, and are aware of a certain, specific siege unit out-performing its counterparts (Springalds, for those searching for this specific topic ). The team is looking to make sure it’s reminded of its role as an anti-siege specialist and will be working with the workshop to deploy it in the future.”

After some easy maths, it concludes that Horsemen in early game tank 1 arrow less from archers and LB, but can tank a little more on late game. They become more weak against all melee units too and springalds (?), thing is horsemen are almost not used in late game so they’ll in my opinion not be used at all now.
If you add to that the spearmen buff, they’re now only designed to run-by on villagers with no villagers bonus damage though and still have the bonus damage against ranged units, but who build mass archers without few random cheap spearmen ?

That’s why I think it’s a bad balance change.

I think this definitely shows something about how people perceived the balance changes.

Its imbalanced, I had a pretty sizable horsemen squad lose to longbows with defenders advantage, and I had prescouted his longbows incoming and had towers. He stood still after my horses charged him and killed all the horses

Without knowing the number of horsemen vs longbows, it’s just a cool story. I’d hope they can still take on archers in equal amounts as that’s their only role other than harassing villagers.

A blob of horsemen lose against a blob of archers. It’s clearly a pathing and targeting issue. Horsemen have to run around to find a target while the archers just have to stand still and shoot. The devs know about this already and are trying to figure out what to do.

Melee in general have this disadvantage though.