Poll: Should the hotfix be removed/upgraded?

OK, I’m no developer but I know they watch the forums so:

  • Yes, I’m experiencing crashes / FPS drop/ stuttering etc
  • No, my game is not having any crashes/ stuttering / FPS drop
  • I’m not sure

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And before you start blaming my System, I never had any crashes before the hotfix. December update had a way smoother FPS for me too, considering the 60 FPS jump I experienced

It will be touched on, just stay thight during holidays recess.

The hotfix did nothing for me. I wish steam had the rollback feature.

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I understand but this has ruined the game for me. The December update was a paradise… I had 100-120 FPS now, when I had 40 before using UHD

According to @SorcerousBoat7:

So, I suggest you to handle it sticking a while without the UHD.

I can handle it with UHD though, but thanks for the info

Well, you could not play mp though, but I’m sure most of us can’t do so now either