[Poll]: Single Player vs. Multiplayer

This poll is intended to discover the playing habits of AoE2:DE players concerning whether they prefer multiplayer or singleplayer. No there won’t be an ‘I don’t play any of them option’, so don’t ask.

Which do you prefer?

Singleplayer vs. Multiplayer (single choice)
  • Singleplayer (campaigns, vs. AI)
  • Multiplayer (Ranked, Empire Wars etc.)

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For singleplayer,

Do you:
  • Prefer Campaigns
  • Prefer against AI

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For multiplayer,

Do you:
  • Prefer Ranked
  • Prefer Unranked

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The results of this poll will establish where most of the userbase is active.


Fixed up the poll, some votes were wiped.

Pointless poll for trying to make a point. Most of the Multiplayer community post only on AoeZone, won’t even care about answering this. This forum is a lot biased towards campaigns/single player stuff, it is already known.


I think mixed is the most enjoyable. If you have friend, play multiplayer against AI. Like 2v3v2v1 black forest, unbalanced teams adds makes interesting.

And I think unranked allows ridiculous/funny strategies.

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Trust me, you can pull some unbelievably dumb strategy even at 2k6/2k7+ tg elo


The result will say where most of the people who answered the poll are active :P. None of the forums is representative for the userbase as the silent majority dont visit any of the forums.

For one poll to be representative for the userbase each person who has a copy of the game should have equal chance to participate in it. What you can hope for here is to see some trend but you can never draw conclusions.