[POLL] Square Map vs. Round Map for AoE2:DE

For AoE2:DE, do you prefer AoE2’s square map, or would you want AoE3’s round map instead? I mean the shape of the game map and, of course, the corresponding mini-map; not just the mini-map.

Which map shape do you prefer?

  • SQUARE Map and Mini-Map (AoE2 style)
  • ROUND Map and Mini-Map (AoE3 style)

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Here’s a quick visual, for reference. And if you could share why you picked the one you prefer, it’d be great to see reasons.


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A square map may be imbalanced for odd number of players.
But a circular map is always balanced for any number of players.

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Never played AOE3, but that parallelogram seens strange. Maybe it’s better to have a round man, but we’re used to the square one, and that’s should remain like that