POLL: Unique Units in Upcoming DLC Civ

Here is a poll of what type of special unit you would like to see in an upcoming DLC. There has been talk about which civilizations to see, but no discussion on how those civs should look. I find it odd that, at the moment, there is only one special infantry unit in the game (Landsknecht) and no unique melee horse-mounted unit, but there are 4 special mounted archers.

  • Man-At-Arms style unit (E.g. Tuetonic Knight and Huscarl from AOE 2)
  • Spear throwing unit (E.g. Skirmisher from AOE 2)
  • Heavy cavalry, maybe without lance (E.g. Cataphract AOE 2)
  • Medieval unit (Pre Renaissance)
  • Mounted archer (E.g. Horse Archer and Camel Archer)
  • Renaissance era unit (E.g. Landscheidt)
  • Archer variant
  • Crossbow variant
  • Infantry that uses weapons other than a sword (E.g. axe, hammer)
  • Two handed swordsman (E.g. Landscheidt)
  • Religious unit (E.g. Monk and Scholar)
  • Economic unit (E.g. Imperior Official)
  • Melee weapon thrower (E.g. Throwing Axeman from AOE 2)
  • Light cavalry, maybe without a lance (E.g. Hussar from AOE 2)
  • Siege
  • Traps
  • Weak spamming unit (E.g. Karambit Warrior from AOE 2)
  • Cannon (lol. There are so many cannons in this medieval game)
  • Hand cannon variant (E.g. Streltsy)
  • Polearm (E.g. Halbadeers)
  • Respectfully dressed female unit (E.g. Gbeto from AOE 2)
  • Ships
  • Trade Cart alternatives
  • Villager types (E.g. Settler Wagon from AOE 3. Or hunters that gather from animals faster)
  • Scout
  • Crude, very early unit (E.g. Militia from AOE 2)
  • Economic buildings (Similar to market)
  • Buildings that passively generate resources
  • Technology buildings (E.g. A Corral to research calvary techs like Husbandry or an Armory in addition to Blacksmith)
  • Military buildings (E.g. Mercenary Camp)
  • Buildings that emit bonuses to nearby units/buildings
  • Drop off buildings (Civ has lumber/mining camp all in one or seperate mining camps for gold and stone)
  • Defensive building (E.g. Tower and Keep)
  • Elephant mounted unit
  • Camel mounted unit
  • Animal (E.g. War Dog or Falcon)
  • Special unit (E.g. Khan)
  • Hero (E.g. Explorer from AOE 3)

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In a broad sense, what type of special units would you like to see? Special units in AOE 2 are usually simple units like Huscarl, Teutonic, Knight, Samurai, Plumped Archer, and Cataphract. Basically what you expect in the middle ages. Whereas in AOE 4, they are super cool like Nest of Bees, Grenadier, Zhuge Nu, Ribauldequin (organ gun). Things that did exist but where extremely rare.

  • Simple Units
  • Cool Units

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Would you like upcoming unique units to be trained separate from the base units like the landsknecht, as a replacement like the palace guard replaces the Men-At-Arms, or as an upgrade like the HRE Macemen

  • Separate
  • Replacement
  • Upgrade

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Different types of ships like fireships for the Eastern Roman Empire which is good against other ships. ships that are good against troops and ships that are good against buildings. maybe other ships like better trade ships or something.

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Baby elephants to grow per age into super elephants.


I actually thought of adding children to the poll with a similar dynamic. You train them for cheap and they slowly mature and abilities change or increase. I did not add it to the poll because then you would end up killing your opponent’s children and it would get really messed up. But it would work for elephants. Maybe even if you split the stable from the corral and ordered some baby elephants in the corral then after a couple minutes, they grow up and you can use them to train battle elephants in the stable for really cheap.

Well, I suppose that there would have to be some kind of dynamic like that to make them reasonable.

I don’t know what kind of timer or whatever to set for when they got bigger.

I like the Special unit/Hero I think it would be cool if it worked similar to 0AD where you can only train one at a time and once they die you cant train that hero again. it would be really cool if they used some of the Heros from the campaigns.

@pixelater6485 Dude. That would be sick. Imagine playing AOE 2 as the Celts and training William Wallace. Obviously he would need a nerf. Only for like 1 civ though because heroes are really unrealistic and I prefer to play without them. But if the devs could make a campaign that is designed to be the most played campaign, like William Wallace in AOE 2, and make the heroes trainable for just that civ. Especially if they are really well known historical characters.

Ottoman Empire: Giant Bombard, heavy Spahi, Handcannon Janissary (age 3), Musket Janissary (age 4), Akinji, Humbara

Roman Empire: Fire Ship, Cataphract, General, Viking guard, Walls of Constantinople (massive with stairs access)

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I think for the poll for Cool Units vs Simple Units, I think you meant to say Over The Top Units vs Simple Units.