[Poll](Updated) Which civs would you like to see in the game? (All popularly requested civs included)

honestly can’t wait to see that. Campaigns are probably my favorite thing in this game.

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I have a farm replacing concept for Jurchen (not replaces farms 100%, only in the early game)

Mapuche resist against the Spanish conquest
Somalians allied with Turks against the Ethiopians and Portuguese
Kongolese against Portuguese
Nubians against the Saracens

Honestly… Muisca should be there since is the last major civ from the Pre-columbian era not present in the game…

And it’s the easiest one since the El Dorado campaing could be redesigned to actually mirror the real history…


The El Dorado campaign is no longer an El Dorado campaign. its now a pure Incan campaign, and does not revolve around El Dorado.


I know… but they could use El Dorado as a new campaign, and this time, actually mirror real history… xD

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Too many european civs already, we need more indigenous (no-cavalry) civs from the americas please!




LoL :rofl:

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Georgians? they seem to be missing from the list.


really… ?? i feel like we need way more civs… do diversify the game


he created that for those who think we have enough civs as is. frankly i agree with them, the fact is that 35 civs is a lot for anyone to learn, and even harder to balance. we still have civs to this day that need balance changes as is, that were introduced 20 years ago. how many more would you like to add?


I personally think that there’s realistically design space for roughly 10-15 civs looking at various mods like Realms, Portuguese civ mod and the LLC civ concept mod.

I personally would pick Iroquois, Mississippians, Muisca, Mapuche, Pueblo as an American expansion pack and Swahili, Kongolese, Kanembu, Bengals, Tamil for an Africa-India expansion.


I could see maybe 5, 10 more at the absolute most, without causing too much homogenization of the game.

i’d pick 3 each from Africa, and America, and 4 from the South Asia/India Area if they went with 10.


Conquest of Sylhet , raja ghour gavindo vs firoz shah ( sultanate of bangla, Burmese)
Muhammad of Ghor invasion of india ( afghans, indians)
Vahram Pahlavouni and his heroic stand against byzantine, albanian force ( Armenia, Byzantines )
Oba Ewuare and his unification of Benin ( Benin )
French-Iroquois war ( Iroquoi confed, Franks)
Expeditions of Idris Alooma ( Kanem Bornu empire)
Battle of Talikota , the last stand ( Kannadigas, Indians)
Arab- Khazar war (Khazars, Saracens)
portuguese-kongo war (Kongolese, portuguese )
Maratha invasion of Bengal ( Maratha, Bengals )
Guru Ghobind Singh vs Mughal empire ( Punjabis, indians)
Maha Chakraphat of Ayutthaya and his struggle against Burmese invasion (siam, burmese)
Vimaladharmasurya 1 and the defense of Kandi (Sinhalese, Portuguese, Dutch)
Maurise of Nassau ( Dutch, Protuguese, Sinhalese, Spanish, Siamese (Ayutthaya), brittish)
Ahmad Ibn Ibrahim Al Ghazi and the conquest of Abyssinia (Somalis, Ethiopians)
Rajendra-Shathyashraya wars ( Tamils)
Tibetan-Tang war (Tibetans, chinese)
Besilarius (Vandals, Byzantines, Goths)


i think mods will not do harm to game balance… u can simply chose not to subscribe to mod

This isn’t talking about mods. This is talking actual additions to the game by forgotten empires/Microsoft. You cant use modded civs on ladder, etc, so mods would be a complete non issue

I dont think forgotten empire will add any civ anymore… they are pretty much done, Juggernaut ma man here is a great modder… his reskin mod is ■■■■ great, im hoping him to add these civs as mod

Forgotten probably won’t. But its still something people like to discuss and what not in the eventuality it does happen and for fun.

If Juggernaut8704 wants to make a mod, more power to him. A mod has zero impact on me

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Thing is though that there isn’t any possibility to add new civs without replacing other ones. That’s why the requests still exist. Also official content is often of way better quality than modded one. You also don’t have issues if you want to use all civs because modded added civs would require datasets probably.

I understand that. But modded civs is probably the best most people will get. No way do they add 30 to 40 new civs