Poll: Wait for 'polish' or pay for early access to AoE4

  • Willing to pay $50+ for early access to Age4
  • Willing to wait another year for more polished Age4

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Just curious. Edit: the reason is because I would have been happy to participate in any alpha/beta build. Even given what I know now, I think I would have still paid to play before it became fully polished.

I would’ve at least been less upset because this basically still is early access.

I just got tricked into believing it wasn’t when I downloaded.


Yes, but most bad on this is players are playing it, hope next patch fix overpowered siege and more balancing and game become beta version finally, then i download game back on my ssd. But looks like they are lazy, 7. Feb and still no patch annoucement. Bf2042 got faster fixing than this lazy game. Poor, because players want be something like alpha testers.

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@BlakeRevnant I agree with you that the game feels like it’s early access still. Would you have been willing to pay for early access? How much?

At what point would most players consider this game sufficiently polished or ‘complete?’ The responses in various threads in the forums range from ‘fixing balance’ to ‘waiting for AoE4:DE.’

This end up badly , patch notes dropped that same day lmao

Bruh nobody cares about 2042 and it haves 5000 player playing it lmao , literally you are comparing EA with a studio that haves 350 employees

They are not lazy , they just want to do things right , and they are also working on ranked at the time

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This is not early access.

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Could’ve fooled me. :sweat_smile::rofl:

When it has all the features of previous aoe games

When the graphics dont suck

Idk the past week I’ve become very jaded with this game, there’s so many things that I feel like the devs either can not or will not fix that are just killing my experience.

I’ll probably just swap back to aoe3, siege nerf wasn’t nearly enough, FL still annoying as hell, no treaty mode sucks, etc etc.