[POLL] What about a campaign pack?

As always, AOE3 civs take longer to make. Campaigns, on the contrary, take relatively less effort and still introduces more content to the game. Not to mention there isn’t a large number of campaigns in AOE3 right now, and most are fictional. Also there are still several civs that are not visited in the campaigns, and a lot of assets in the game that can be directly re-used.

I’d like to see a campaign pack that contains either 2~3 full-length campaigns or a collection of unrelated battles, even a paid one.

What do people think?

  • I don’t care about campaigns.
  • I prefer a free update with new campaigns.
  • I’d like have a campaign pack, even a paid one.

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It would be cool to have revolutions based campaigns, like how each revolutionary nation gained their independence.


Even though I’m mostly a singleplayer guy, I don’t like RTS campaigns usually. They’re kinda boring and sameish after a while.

I want a rework of the existing campaigns to feature the new units and mechanics added in patches and DLC so far.

I want an Aztec campaign and an Inca campaign, 100% historical or tied into the Fountain of Youth story doesn’t matter.

I want campaigns set in Europe and centered around some European conflicts.

And I want campaigns featuring Revolution civs.

I just want more campaign content, AoE2 got a million new campaigns from FE, AoE3 got 6 historical battles. :<


yeah, i want this too

Completely agree. While it is more difficult to create campaign content for fully 3d content (to a degree) I would absolutely pay for more many campaigns just like aoe2 got as has been mentioned. I would also be very pleased if they would update the content the aoe3 campaigns already have such as adding the new USA faction to the original aoe3 campaigns which actually had the USA as a playable faction. Really weird to see the act 3 campaign use a pseudo custom “faction” when there is a time period accurate faction currently available to the game. Same goes for having campaigns for revolutionary nations.

Not having a proper campaign is one of the primary tragedies of AOE3. If DE added at least three historical campaigns from the European point-of-view it would truly make DE the “definitive” version of AOE3.

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I like to play the campaign. I want the campaign for Phillip Black (and his brothers)

I want new campaigns especially historical battles alongside new civs and other QoL features.


The African DLC should come with its own campaigns, but I think stand-alone campaign packs can also be nice.

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I would definitely prefer if the African expansion came with campaigns for the French, Dutch and Portuguese rather than campaigns for the African civs.

Definitely there should be some missions related to Portuguese when it comes to Africa.

I would prefer if they added new campaigns for the new civs of the DLC myself. Which is why I was sad the Aztecs didn’t get a campaign in TWC, and that DE didn’t have Inca and Swedish campaigns.

They could have atleast added more historical battles including an Inca and a Swede battle scenarios during launch to promote the two civs and act as the “tutorial” for those civs.

Yeah campaigns don’t really have much replayability value. And scenario designers can create many content if they just provide us with new civs, units and graphical content.

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In my opinion instead of giving us some random event challenges, it would be much more awesome if they add new scenario to historical battle section in each new update.

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But wouldn’t you prefer campaigns for civs who haven’t had campaigns yet like the French and Portuguese?

If Napoleonic Wars is possible, that I would want for a European expansion pack plus reworking or revamping some of the older civs.

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I’d ask why AOEII has so many factions and campaigns added, and AOEIII has almost none.

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A campaign usually needs a base civ the player plays with, although this civ is usually less then a normal civ combined with the campaign, story writing, balancing and making everything work Im pretty sure 1 campaing takes longer then 1-2 civs.