[Poll] What are the worst Unique Technologies? (2024)

Hey guys,

in May 2022 I already asked the same question. Since then 3 new civs have been added to the game (Romans, Armenians, Georgians) and quite a few UTs have been tweaked, altered or replaced.

I’m looking for techs that are kind of useless in your opinion, are too niche, too weak or too expensive for what they do - basically techs that rarely feel useful researching.

Back in 2022 the top 10 for each age were the following:

(Since May 2022 7 of 10 were changed: Stronghold, Greek Fire, Inquisition, Medical Corps, Tigui, Royal Heirs, Andean Sling)

(Since May 2022 3 of 10 were changed: Flemish Revolution, Mahayana and Manipur Cavalry, another 2 were replaced entirely: Mahouts, Berserkergang)

Castle Age UTs

  • Cilician Fleet (Armenians)
  • Atlatl (Aztecs)
  • Paiks (Bengalis)
  • Kasbah (Berbers)
  • Wagenburg Tactics (Bohemians)
  • Yeomen (Britons)
  • Stirrups (Bulgarians)
  • Burgundian Vineyards (Burgundians)
  • Manipur Cavalry (Burmese)
  • Greek Fire (Byzantines)
  • Stronghold (Celts)
  • Great Wall (Chinese)
  • Steppe Husbandry (Cumans)
  • Medical Corps (Dravidians)
  • Royal Heirs (Ethiopians)
  • Bearded Axe (Franks)
  • Svan Towers (Georgians)
  • Anarchy (Goths)
  • Kshatriyas (Gurjaras)
  • Grand Trunk Road (Hindustanis)
  • Marauders (Huns)
  • Andean Sling (Incas)
  • Pavise (Italians)
  • Yasama (Japanese)
  • Tusk Swords (Khmer)
  • Eupseong (Koreans)
  • Hill Forts (Lithuanians)
  • Corvinian Army (Magyars)
  • Thalassocracy (Malay)
  • Tigui (Malians)
  • Hul’che Javelineers (Mayans)
  • Nomads (Mongols)
  • Kamandaran (Persians)
  • Szlachta Privileges (Poles)
  • Carrack (Portuguese)
  • Ballistas (Romans)
  • Birmaristan (Saracens)
  • First Crusade (Sicilians)
  • Detinets (Slavs)
  • Inquisition (Spanish)
  • Silk Armor (Tatars)
  • Ironclad (Teutons)
  • Sipahi (Turks)
  • Chatras (Vietnamese)
  • Chieftains (Vikings)
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Imperial Age UTs

  • Fereters (Armenians)
  • Garland Wars (Aztecs)
  • Mahayana (Bengalis)
  • Maghrebi Camels (Berbers)
  • Hussite Reforms (Bohemians)
  • Warwolf (Britons)
  • Bagains (Bulgarians)
  • Flemish Revolution (Burgundians)
  • Howdah (Burmese)
  • Logistica (Byzantines)
  • Furor Celtica (Celts)
  • Rocketry (Chinese)
  • Cuman Mercenaries (Cumans)
  • Wootz Steel (Dravidians)
  • Torsion Engines (Ethiopians)
  • Chivalry (Franks)
  • Aznauri Cavalry (Georgians)
  • Perfusion (Goths)
  • Frontier Guards (Gurjaras)
  • Shatagni (Hindustanis)
  • Atheism (Huns)
  • Fabric Shiedls (Incas)
  • Silk Road (Italians)
  • Kataparuto (Japanese)
  • Double Crossbow (Khmer)
  • Shinkichon (Koreans)
  • Tower Shields (Lithuanians)
  • Recurve Bow (Magyars)
  • Forced Levy (Malay)
  • Farimba (Malians)
  • El Dorado (Mayans)
  • Drill (Mongols)
  • Citadels (Persians)
  • Lechitic Legacy (Poles)
  • Arquebus (Portuguese)
  • Comitatenses (Romans)
  • Counterweights (Saracens)
  • Hauberk (Sicilians)
  • Druzhina (Slavs)
  • Supremacy (Spanish)
  • Timurid Siegecraft (Tatars)
  • Crenellations (Teutons)
  • Artillery (Turks)
  • Paper Money (Vietnamese)
  • Bogsveigar (Vikings)
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Feel free to post your suggestions for buffs / changes down below.


Fabric Sheidls 11

Edit: Just noticed my own typo 11.
It stays

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Haha I didn’t even notice 11 nobody’s perfect :man_shrugging:

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Mahayana is a tech with a very very small effect, which cant be buffed because the civ is already latevgame focused. If it was for an infantry or archer civ it could have been like 20%

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I’d like to justify my vote of Kasbah. It’s not a bad effect. Rather I dislike that the Genitour is the Berber TB and not a regional unit, and I dislike Kasbah is a UT, and not the TB.

I like Mahayana. It serves a purpose making the late-game easier, as you likely already have a ton of vills, so it just makes things more efficient.

I voted Timurid Siegecraft because Trebuchets already have immense range, and Flaming Camels no longer require the tech, essentially eliminating my reason to research it.


I agree. Just extend access to genitor to civs who lived along the Mediterranean or used horse mounted javelins combat.

Therefore berbers have a castle TB and a real UT. Maybe Genitors fire a second javelin?

Possible civs: Turks (Sipahi), Cumans (benefits train UT) Magyar (benefits TB?), Goths, Huns (CA discount) Spanish, Saracen, Portuguese, Ethiopia (benefits from Royal Heirs?), Byzantines (counter unit discount, maybe no elite?), Tatars (Silk Armor??)

Again juat spitballing a bunch of civs I know were either Mediterranean or raided with throwing spears from horseback

The Genitour should be exclusive to the Berbers, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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Im super sick of highly exclusive stuff. Was javelin cavalry that rare but uses of two handed swords universal?

The name “Genitour” is only applicable to Iberian and Berber mounted javelineers.

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And the name arbalest is specific to a FRENCH crossbow but…


Good point. There’s a lot of inconsistency in naming.

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As far as I can tell, similar javelin cavalry were used at least by the rashidun caliphate, which is best represented by Saracens. I couldn’t find anything supporting malians using similar, but it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that.

Aaaaaaand, if you try really hard, I think you can justify the goths. Jinete were popular amongst the iberian kingdoms during the reconquista. And Leon can trace itself back to the Visigothic Kingdom. I wouldn’t give them Elite Genitour tho.

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If the Genitour is going to be a regional unit, it should probably have its appearance changed so its shield isn’t explicitly Islamic.

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I will say someone has done a pretty amazing proof of concept for regional skins. The changes are subtle enough to make the units recognizable but really sells the unit as part of the region.

If that happened, only iberian genitours would need to be changed.

That is a lot of assumptions tho.


Why Trade Carts, Trade Cogs and Fishing Boats are not covered by Mahayana?

It makes it a worse paid tech than Goths free civ bonus.


Am I the only one who remembers that the game just had fun civs with limited bonus options and still every civ felt unique despite the lack of regional units!? Am I from an era that doesnt belong any more!?

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Yes. Regional units are the way to go nowadays.


How could they have introduced civs from indosphere and mesoamerica without elephants and eagles?

I rather feel Mesoamerica still lacks regional units for siege workshop. 11

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