[Poll] What are the worst Unique Technologies?

Hey guys,

with the latest patch Madrasah and Orthodoxy were removed from the game. Most of you will agree that those were two of the worst Unique Techs in the game. Now that they’re gone, what are the worst UTs left? Techs that are kind of useless in your opinion, are way too weak or way too expensive for what they do, techs that never feel worth researching in a ranked / tournament game.

Feel free to post your suggestions for buffs / changes down below.

Castle Age UTs
  • Atlatl (Aztecs)
  • Paiks (Bengalis)
  • Kasbah (Berbers)
  • Wagenburg Tactics (Bohemians)
  • Yeomen (Britons)
  • Stirrups (Bulgarians)
  • Burgundian Vineyards (Burgundians)
  • Howdah (Burmese)
  • Greek Fire (Byzantines)
  • Stronghold (Celts)
  • Great Wall (Chinese)
  • Steppe Husbandry (Cumans)
  • Medical Corps (Dravidians)
  • Royal Heirs (Ethiopians)
  • Bearded Axe (Franks)
  • Anarchy (Goths)
  • Kshartryas (Gurjaras)
  • Grand Trunk Road (Hindustanis)
  • Marauders (Huns)
  • Andean Sling (Incas)
  • Pavise (Italians)
  • Yasama (Japanese)
  • Tusk Swords (Khmer)
  • Eupseong (Koreans)
  • Hill Forts (Lithuanians)
  • Corvinian Army (Magyars)
  • Thalassocracy (Malay)
  • Tigui (Malians)
  • Hul`Che Javelineers (Mayans)
  • Nomads (Mongols)
  • Kamandaran (Persians)
  • Szlachta Privileges (Poles)
  • Carrack (Portuguese)
  • Zealotry (Saracens)
  • First Crusade (Sicilians)
  • Detinets (Slavs)
  • Inquisition (Spanish)
  • Silk Armor (Tatars)
  • Ironclad (Teutons)
  • Sipahi (Turks)
  • Chatras (Vietnamese)
  • Chieftains (Vikings)

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Imperial Age UTs
  • Garland Wars (Aztecs)
  • Mahayana (Bengalis)
  • Maghrebi Camels (Berbers)
  • Hussite Reforms (Bohemians)
  • Warwolf (Britons)
  • Bagains (Bulgarians)
  • Flemish Revolution (Burgundians)
  • Manipur Cavalry (Burmese)
  • Logistica (Byzantines)
  • Furor Celtica (Celts)
  • Cuman Mercenaries (Cumans)
  • Wootz Steel (Dravidians)
  • Torsion Engines (Ethiopians)
  • Chivalry (Franks)
  • Perfusion (Goths)
  • Frontier Guards (Gurjaras)
  • Shatagni (Hindustanis)
  • Atheism (Huns)
  • Fabric Shields (Incas)
  • Silk Road (Italians)
  • Kataparuto (Japanese)
  • Double Crossbow (Khmer)
  • Shinkichon (Koreans)
  • Tower Shields (Lithuanians)
  • Recurve Bow (Magyars)
  • Forced Levy (Malay)
  • Farimba (Malians)
  • El Dorado (Mayans)
  • Drill (Mongols)
  • Mahouts (Persians)
  • Lechitic Legacy (Poles)
  • Arquebus (Portuguese)
  • Counterweights (Saracens)
  • Hauberk (Sicilians)
  • Druzhina (Slavs)
  • Supremacy (Spanish)
  • Timurid Siegecraft (Tatars)
  • Crenellations (Teutons)
  • Artillery (Turks)
  • Paper Money (Vietnamese)
  • Berserkergang (Vikings)

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Ive researcherd stronghold when playing against AI. Ive researched nomads when on BF 400 pop type games and youre runnong out of space for farms production buildings and houses

But the two techs that ive think ive never ever researched is tigui for malians and athiesm for huns

I’ve used Tigui on like a Nomad game or two. Stronghold is the useless one I think, because Celts lack Bracer, and shouldn’t even really be on the defensive anyway.


Changing Greek fire:

+1 range for fire ships (as usual)
Castles and Towers +9 bonus damage against rams

Basically, add the effect of the now defunct Boiling Oil UT of the Persians.

This matches the defensive nature of the Byzantines.


I don’t know what is the worse Castle Age UT, but Atheism is definitely my least favorite UT

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The worst in terms of effect/viability are imho Stronghold and Atheism.

But the worst in terms of balance and that prevent tweaking of some units are First Crusade and Flemish revolution.


It’s funny how I bet no one tested new cuman mercenaries and yet everybody voted for it 11 It actually might be super strong in specific set ups. But tbf from a design perspective (although this is not how I understand this poll) this tech is bad.

Also interesting to see the italian UT so badly conceived. But when I think about it it does make sense. Even if it is a good team game tech it’s one of the only (or maybe even the only?) that applies exclusively for tgs. There should at least be some functionality for the civ itself in 1v1.

As usual the poll is very ambiguous due to the title.

Do you mean weak tech? Or tech we don’t like? Worst applies to both

Either way the results of the poll are clearly all over the place with things like hauberk, flem rev and atheism all being voted for in the same poll

You mean weak tech, but then you can remove obvious powerhouses so you don’t get false votes(like hauberk and flem rev)

People are clearly voting for both the weakest and disliked tech in the same poll

Imo the game shouldn’t have tech that only applies to naval units. Because that is an extremely niche case, so they’re basically wasting space and reducing diversity in upwards of 80% of matches if not more. Considering we have things like byz getting a naval tech when they are super rarely seen on naval maps outside of like 1% of the playerbase

Meaning it is easily on par with atheism for uselessness, if not even more so

I think a good way to consider “worst” is; which techs do not assist the civ playing to its strengths. Techs for franks/magans/chinese are typically “weaker” than for other civs they are such dominant civs. In this way ‘Atheism’ is the worst tech as it’s not practical for basically any game, and doesn’t add to the Huns identity. Alternatively ‘Artillery’ for the turks is rarely going to be picked up in 1v1’s yet does play to the Turks gunpowder focus.

OP clearly states what he/she intends with “worst UT”.
Not sure how it is “very ambiguous”.
You just need to read past the title, which for obvious reasons, can’t be as detailed as the description.


I would rework atheism to: All melee Units +5attack vs. Monks. All Ranged +2

Silk Road is bad because by the time you get it, it’s likely you already have most of your trade set up, rendering it a waste of res. There’s also the whole useless in 1v1 thing as well. No, the marketplace map doesn’t count.


I dislike Flemish Revolution from the perspective it feels like an attempt to import a ‘big play’ moment from modern games and it doesn’t feel right. But I will admit despite loving AOE3 I really dont like revolutions in that either.


Both Nomads and Atheism are the worst because I didn’t even see them in the UT list when voting somehow, that’s how useless they are 11

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I agree that the tech is rellay underwhealming. I like the concept and the idea of the tech. Celts have a quite immobile army and really can benefit from defensive structures making them harder to raid.
I think the tech should include Town Centers and the faster fire rate should be buffed to something like 33%/40%.

I really like that idea :slight_smile: boiling oil itself wasn’t that great of a tech, but having it combined with the fire ship range might give it a little more use on some maps

True, didn’t think of it getting so many votes. Maybe because I play more team games than 1v1s. I actually like the tech a lot in team games. But yeah, having no use in 1v1s makes Silk Road really useless in a lot of games of course.

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Atheism is generally useless. But I LOVE having it in late game when the enemy/enemies invested so early into grabbing as many relics as possible. Really great sometimes when megarandom maps spawn crazy relic numbers. Wonder/relic victory should be reworked. Or maybe instead, just have it refund any units lost to conversion or something. Would need to be a castle age unique tech for that to be effective though, bohemians be damned.


Stronghold: make it affect town centers as well
Nomads: buildings no longer lose population when lost (instead of houses)
Greek Fire: make it cheaper
Medical Corps: elephants need more regeneration
Steppe Husbandry: why research a tech when i can just spam super cheap stables and ranges as cumans???

Cuman Mercenaries: stupid instant techs… flemish and first crusade at least can be useful in some games
Paper Money: make it give more gold
Mahouts: make it added with elite upgrade (like it was changed for turtle ship) and replace tech with sth useful
Mahayana: make it affect all eco units (so include fishing ships and trade carts)
Frontier Guards: make it a lot cheaper


Nomads: Buildings slowly self repair overtime.

Strong Hold: Replace with new Tech called “Gallowglasses” : infantries +5 vs siege.

Greek Fire: keep old effect + allow Flamethrower tower to be built.

Great Wall: the effect Also affect Castles.

Atheism: Enemy’s relics also give you gold (but at half gold rate).

Cuman Mercenaries: Allow all teammates to train Elite Kipchak while reducing Kipchak’s wood cost by 33% or Replace gold cost with extra wood cost for cuman players only.

Paper money: just increase the gold generation (must) and remove gold cost (optional).

Flemish Revolution: Replace with a new tech called “Ransom”: Return 33% (or 25%) gold costs if knights (line) and constelliers are killed.

Silk Road: just significantly reduce the research time or increase trade units’ HP by 25%.

Mahouts: Converted Cavalry units die instead of joining enemy, increase conversion resistance for cavalry (basically heresy and faith but only for cav for cheaper price) .

Mahayana: Increase the number to 20% and also affect trade units.

Manipur Cavalry: Also affect Cavalry Archer.

berserker gang: Affects all infantries.

Lol i misred initially and voted my best instead of worst for the Castle Age

There is an option to remove your vote. Then you can vote for your worst ones again

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