(poll) What are you most hyped for in KotM?

Im just curious what you guys think? :slight_smile:

  • Italian civ
  • maltese civ
  • royal houses
  • new maps (including historical)
  • new gamemodes (tycoon; diplomacy)
  • other

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Malta for sure but both civs look really good a nice change from the usa/mexico federal state stuff.

New maps too look fantastic and the royal houses.

Many people don’t seem to like malta because they re-used stuff from the campaign but it is well done and the civ has great defensive synergy from what I’ve seen. I think it will be a ton of fun to play.


Royal houses is most interesting choice tbh.


I am interested in the Italian civilization and to see how good it is for revolutions. :smiling_imp:


Honestly, all of it…


The new maps. Im not against new euro civs, but not eager for them also. Though I 100% wanted maps and historical battles in Europe


espero que os mapas sejam equilibrados para todas civis, a maioria dos mapas africanos na minha opnião são terríveis a mapas principalmente os que tem animais que precisam de mais de 2 tiros dos aldeões para morrer isso acaba com o tempo de subida de era

I’m very interested in using the new units and mechanics for the mods I’m making.


Te recomendo a deixar tudo em português. O tradutor do fórum transformou “time” em time (tipo de futebol), daí o final da tua frase fica sem sentido em inglês

Honestly everything looks great but I’m excited for European maps and royal houses the most.
Still hoping the royal houses won’t rule out 2 more civs in the future :denmark: :poland:


opa obrigado e tempo fica melhor

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I chose Malta, but let’s be real everyone. It’s the tank.


Italy of course for me.

I waited for this civ since the release of DE and I’m loving how they design the civ.

Malta is kind of meh… I don’t dislike the choice, but I don’t like how they implemented it very much, some things seems a bit too much meme, or pressing on the campaign. Still I believe that it’s a nice addition, even if don’t plan to play them much.

The maps and historical battles are the other big features that I was waiting for, but probably is the the reason why I pre-order the DLC.

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I voted for Royal Houses.
Italy + Malta combined hype me more but all those Royal Houses together are pretty cool.

I haven’t looked much into the new maps especially the historical ones.
Could be really nice. Also interesting to see how much new assets they added.
I haven’t seen many videos yet. England kinda just looks like New England.

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Me pregunto si en un futuro agregaran más cosas parecidas, la verdad es que el dlc esta mucho mejor que el dlc de the african royals (hablando de contenido claro) y lo peor es que valen lo mismo xd