[Poll] What is the most popular clan in AoE III DE?

  • TOAO
  • Royal
  • Cord
  • SpNz
  • Wally
  • EPMC
  • List

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I know the following clans, and I would like to know how many of these clans know or have heard of.
If I forget a very popular clan, let me know!

where is my TK? why character limit why


Oh man, I know nothing about that. I am in a clan but not sure what for hahah…
What is the advantage? Playing with friends?

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I admire your clan, but I think it is because it is surely based on supremacy games

No surprise royal is top, I wouldn’t have expected SpNz to be second place though…

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Yeah, me too, I think it depends on where you do the survey, I think few people participated.

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you’ve never heard of the PLOP clan ?!

Yes, I forgot them like TK, my bad, unfortunately I can’t modify the poll