[Poll] What is the next Update that you would like?

As you know, there was an exclusive update for Incas, and then there was an exclusive update for Aztecas, it seems that the plan of the devs is to redesign each of the civilizations.
Which one would you like the next one to be?

  • Britsh
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Germans
  • Ottomans
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Russians
  • Haudenosaunee
  • Lakota
  • Chinese
  • Indians
  • Japaneses
  • Swedes
  • United States

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I do not add Incas, Aztecas, Ethiopians and Hausa because they already had their updates.


just reorder decks option. Then think about anything eslse


Haudenosaunee and Lakota priority. Especially in the way they get coins.


verdade, eles realmente precisam de um retrabalho na questão de mineração, lakota realmente precisa de mais cartas para coleta de ouro e comida e triste em jogos tardios não ter economia para destruir os inimigos praticamente dragão e skimish vai matar todo seu exercito, não da pra usar teepees em todas as situações


india precisa de um retrabalho em questão artilharia e treinamento ja fiz um post a quase uma ano e nada de ajustarem essa situação


Native civs are being focused on first then who knows if Euro and Asian civs receive the same treatment.


USA also had an update?

For me it would be Portugal.

The civ in game representing Portugal, should be called Mediterranean British.

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Lakota and Haudenosaunee home city customization + new playable Moroccan civ is what I want next.

A Maori civ would be cool.


i voted germans, mostly so we can bury that old argument about germans that is ragging the forums.

the hauds are probably the absolutely most in need of a rework from a gameplay POV. i dont think any of the other civs have the same level of problems.

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You mean that germans should have been two civs: Prussians and Austrians? while that’s true I think that ship has sailed

Haudenosaunee however need the most attention, USA also needed attention but I think they got some in the latest patch.


i know that splitting them up wont happen, what i imagine is maybe a rework to their age up mechanic to work more like the US age up which could provide the ability to represent more of Germany.

No redesign of good and balanced old Europe civs please.

Nerf Africans instead like the hausa skirms.

Maybe do something about Japan and swedens mercs and that’s it

All Asian Civs(Lets not talk about cultural correctness) BUT Specifically,

India : Have 1000 minor issues, rather than just having 1 or 2 major ones. Feels outdated. Have alot of redundant useless crap cards. Need algorithm fixes with elephant interactions. Few civ design changes : export/consulate etc. Some balance changes: Zamburaq, elephants etc. much more.

Haudenosaunee : Coz yeah! they feel very restricted/unable, to do any of the stuffs. Unecessary cultural correctness.


As main Haudenosaunee, I would also like a special update for them.
What I can propose are the following things.
-More cards in Industrial, the only card that is worth it are the French cuirassiers and the 4 field cannons, they need some improvement for farms and estates similar to Terrace Farming.
-They need cards that exchange the wood cost of the units for gold, or failing that, an infinite source of wood.
-They need to add more voices, it is very boring that there is only one type of voice, for that reason I have a mod installed that places the voices of the TAD.
-Redesign of the tribal market, I’m tired that I need urgent coins but I can’t do anything because I’m missing 25 wood … At least make the building free and put at least a couple of improvements available in the market to improve the minus 10% the collection of gold.
-Buff the musket rider, the truth is that the nerf with 5% less armor felt very strong, they no longer serve to neutralize artillery. Add a bigger multiplier against artillery and resistance against cannons.
-Improves the speed of creation of travois with the foundation ceremony, at least 1 sec less per villager.

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i really cant agree with you more here. at least haud starts with wood crates, lakota cant even mine at all without chopping

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For Portugal it’s an easy fix.

Change the Explorer for Melee focus, replace dragons cards and buffs for Halberdier cards and buffs, give the organ gun to french or english, and add some arquebuziers like the mercs, and get rid of Mameluks and Corsairs as mercs for Ports, cause that’s atrocious.


Organ Guns would best fit in the game as mercenaries, not a Portuguese unique unit. And giving Portugal Falconets instead of Organ Guns would probably be a buff anyways.

None of the examples of their use mention Portugal at all. It’s mostly French and English with the closest example of its use being Aragon.


I would love to see a rework for Portugese to be more historical accurate, but I don’t think it will ever happen.


Yeah I agree. I hope something changes to be honest.

I hope the devs will consider it and show some guts to rework a civ that’s already in the game for 16 years.
So if any of the devs will ever read this, please make Portugese more historical accurate, fix what Ensemble Studios did wrong cause you have to power to do it and also organ guns as unique unit doesn’t make any sense at all.

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