Poll: What language should the Byzantine speak?

Remnants of Latin did remain in their language, though I expect those to be gone by Feudal or Castle age. Byzantine Greek was quite different than modern Greek (though tbh, so is English, which is why it’s largely not-understandable pre-imperial age)

Do you think old greek is the same as today Greek? A person that speaks current freak cannot understand older Greek.

Tbh, the language will likely be heavily inspired by Latin in the dark ages. AOE4 in general have put a ton of effort into getting correct historical languages for the time period of each era of the game. While a imprecise science, it is leagues ahead of the AOE2 languages, many of which are uhhhh interesting choices.

I’d rather they speak the correct language

Cough cough Goths speaking medieval German and Aztecs speaking a made up language cough cough

And what does that have to do with what Fyrapan said?

Besides, that’s my main problem with mods giving AoE2 Byzantines voice files from AoM. Different time periods, different forms of Greek.

I want authenticity so they speak the correct language. It has nothing to do with if I understand old Greek or not.