[Poll] Which civs do you want to see in DLC? Corrected to include all relevant Age II civs

Someone has figured that out.

You can’t have a middle ages to renaissance game wihout the Byzantine Empire or the Turks. Depending on how many Civs are featured on an hypothetical DLC, if each of includes at least one campaign featuring at least two civs, for its relevance on world history and its influence in the development of both western and eastern civilization, Byzantine Empire (From the Macedonian Renaissance era to its downfall) vs. Turks (From the Seljuk era to the Ottoman Golden Age) is a must be.


If people’s knew that Berbers = Amazigh, it would have won the poll easely :smiley:

Adding new civilizations is to keep the community in the game not to expand it, Beastyq mentioned that he is not encouraged to know that he must learn 40 civilizations to not lose a game and I think that is why aoe2 keeps his numbers but does not exceed them.
The moment you consider that the game has reached its user cap is when you should focus on keeping that community active.

AoE IV doesn’t need 40 civilizations.

It needs the Ottoman Empire. And Byzantines / Roman Empire. Persia. Maybe Japan, Spain. That’s 4 or 5.

If AoE IV not getting new civs this year, there won’t be ANY playerbase to speak of.


I do not think the same if with 8 they complain about some civilizations and with 8 they have a hard time raising elo

It is appreciated that you share info with us. But an “ELO distribution graph” is zero related to the community’s desire for more civs (abundantly demonstrated on the forum) at this decisive and dire moment for AoE IV.

Also, AoE IV doesn’t need 40 civilizations. No-one has asked for that.

It needs the Ottoman Empire.

And Byzantines / Roman Empire. And Persia. Maybe Japan, Mali, Inca or Spain. That’s 4 or 5 civs, not 40.


It needs Spain above all, then Portugal, Japan, and Biz &co.

American Civs never reached Imp, most didn’t scrape Castle.

They could implement the black dead and add american Civs :sweat_smile:

Anno has it for example.

Together with the Norse DLC (if) I think they could add more mechanics to Naval Combat to make it more fun

I think this reality is very much reflected in this community poll (the “real” poll as opposed to “official red tape” poll). The Byzantines are 1st and the Ottoman Empire (Turks) are 2nd/ 3rd.


They really need to not just unpin that other thread but delete it from the site and scrub it’s existence from the way-back machine.

It’s garbage and a waste of everyone’s time. Not to mention it comes up on the top of my “read next” suggestions because I clicked on it once months ago.

For shame.

Any of those would be a nice summer add

Nah, just unpin that “official” criminally disrespectful poll is enough.

As long as it’s not FORCED on us, a civ poll with Anasazi, Mississippi, Zimbabwe and without AoE fan favorites Spain Ottoman Empire, Iran, Portugal, Inca Empire etc would probably slowly disappear anyway…


Aztecs are such a popular pick amongst the fans here. I think they should be in the game for sure.

Other non steel weapon civilizations I would like to see in the game include the Native Americans (I’m not sure which Native American tribe was the strongest and that could compete with the Aztecs equally), the formidable and terrifying Maoris, and an equally powerful African empire (I’m assuming the Ethiopians?).

It would be a great to watch a game where pros play these civilizations. It would be an awesome match to behold.

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I would love the Byzantines, Japanese, Aztecs, an African Civilization, a Viking Civilization and Spain. Hopefully we soon get information if they work on new Civilizations.