[Poll] Which civs do you want to see in DLC? Corrected to include all relevant Age II civs

That’s it, it’s decided.

  1. DLC
    Turks (Ottomans)

They are all connected to each other, the Scandinavians and Rus served in Byzantium, the Ottomans finished off the dying empire, and they are all top 4. :v::wink:


Persia and Iran are the same civ. Persia is what we call them, they call themselves Iran.
Like we say Greece and Turkey, but correct name is Hellas and Türkiye.


Великое Княжество Литовское

Oh ok, there’s a globe button.

So this is the actual poll that has some meaning, the other pinned on top of directory page is the “official”, forced-on-us one.


but what about the goths? have everyone forgotten about them! most playable race in AOE II

Explained on the OP.

The next DLC should include some African (sub-saharan) civ.

I’ve already voted, but I also just realized that I would love to see a Crusader Kingdoms/Knights of Saint John (Hospitallers) civilization.

They would have a strong navy, strong trade, strong early infantry, and strong fortifications. Too bad your units would have to lose speed, health, and sanity on maps like Arabia though.

Also, this poll is better than the other civs poll, even if it is lacking in African options.

I thought that at first too. But then I realized the person who posted the poll is right. The developers are aiming for roughly a 1000AD-1500AD time period, and there just weren’t any real Gothic kingdoms at that point. Pre 1000AD is more appropriate for them.

A military order is not a civilization.

The crusader kingdoms were independent states, and the Knights of Saint John governed Rhodes from 1310-1522, and then Malta after that. If independent states with distinct social and cultural characteristics don’t count as a civilization, then I’m not sure how you’re defining a civilization.

If you include the Knights of Saint John in Rhodes and Malta as a sort of successor to the Kingdom of Jerusalem (since they have continuity in the city going back to the 11th century) then you cover the whole timeframe that AOE4 is going for. Hence I included their island nations in the umbrella.

Then teutonic order can also be added.

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The Teutonic Knights never governed their own nation, the Knights of Saint John did for near three centuries (plus existed before, and still exist today, though no longer as their own nation.) Plus the Teutonic knights didn’t last nearly as long.
I am guessing from your responses that you have not understood the history of the Knights of Saint John. Which is fine, it’s pretty niche. But your comparison to the Teutonic Knights is like comparing the Greek rule of Egypt under the Ptolemaic Dynasty to a Greek immigrant community in Rome. One was its own nation, the other existed inside another nation.

Now this poll is representative, without being freakish like the one force pinned at the top of the AoE IV forum.

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I prefer this poll than the previous one.


Yeah, as far as I can see 95% of players prefer this one. But some “forum apparatchik” pinned the other poll at the top of the forum by force (check discussion on thread). Perhaps he doesn’t want historical powers and fan favs like Ottoman Empire / Spain / Portugal in the game.

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No future civ dlcs for this game

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1 DLC: Japanesse, Spain, Danes/norse/vikings
2 DLC: Venezia, Eastern Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire/Turk
3 DLC: Hungary, Poland-Lithuana


¡Oi, no te olvides de PORTUGAL!

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