[Poll] Which is your favourite generic unit in AoE II?

Vote for your favourite unit.
  • Arbalests
  • Elite Skirmishers
  • Heavy Cavalry Archers
  • Hand Cannoneers
  • Champions
  • Halberdiers
  • Elite Eagle Warriors
  • Hussars
  • Paladins
  • Heavy Camel Riders
  • Elite Battle Elephants
  • Elite Steppe Lancers
  • Siege Rams
  • Siege Onagers
  • Heavy Scorpions
  • Bombard Cannons
  • Siege Towers
  • Petards
  • Trebuchets
  • Galleons
  • Fast Fire Ships
  • Heavy Demolition Ships
  • Cannon Galleons
  • Monks

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Heavy Camels!

Or Hussars.

Or maybe Battle Elephants…

Cavalier are pretty cool too.

Okay, okay, I’ll vote for the Paladins.


I’d pick monks to counter Paladin compositions cold if this wasn’t a farcical poll.

I just made this poll to see which “all-purpose” unit people like the most.

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There’s so many factors in identifying a preferred unit (looks, favorite civ, combat potential, cost, etc) that its doubtful there’s much information that can be inferred from the results of such a poll. This is further magnified by leaving out SO, elephants, camels, and eagles.

Like idk how the results could be interpreted in any meaningful way.


Pretty sure this is just for fun and to get people talking about why they picked what they did. I just picked what i would use in a fight. I cant micro the arbs good yet and would prefer champs but for some reason i fight mainly archer civs.

I’d like to use more champions, seems rather sad that infantry, who played the main role in medieval armies is so often missing in aoe2 battles.


would require a rather large rework of the game to make infantry able to compete with knights and archers.

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I really think there should be at least the option to vote for eagles, cav archers, siege, elephants and UU.


where flemish militia

I’ll change it to include every single generic unit in the game.

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I’ve added a lot more options so you can vote for Heavy Camels if you want to now.

We’re ahead! Close the poll! Heavy Camels are officially the most popular unit in the game!

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That’s nice but I’m gonna wait till at least 150 people vote before I close it.

I agree and they are so fun to spam and hack’n slash enemy bases.

Sorry it dropped significantly. Do you like paladin?

What are you sorry for?

I really like Paladins but I like ships more which is why I picked the Galleon as my favourite unit.

I quoted the wrong person lol it was the guy above who picked camels and asked for the pole to close so they could win.

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We’re only at 51 votes but the Paladin looks like it’s winning.