[POLL] Will new civs get their own campaigns?

  • Do you think ,that Ottomans and Malians will get their own campaigns?
  • Yes, both
  • Only Ottomans
  • Only Malians
  • Neither

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Eventually I think. Maybe not in October though. Maybe though.


Sorry, for option with question. I’m idiot

Yes, an Ottoman campaign from Manzikert to Mohacs (1071-1526) and a Malian campaign from Sundiata to Mansa Musa (1235-1324)…

Ottomans can’t have a campaign until Byzantines are added or there will be nothing for them to do. It is like having English with no French.

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Not necessarily, they can get the campaign out by playing with the Ottomans against the Byzantines and the Holy Roman Empire and then later get the civ of the Byzantines with a campaign for them…