[Poll] 🏭 Would you like to be able to restore important buildings lost in the imperial age? (factories and wonders only if you "deserve" it) ⛩

How can we make it viable that destroying them does not lose their value, and at the same time there is the possibility of repairing them?

If this can be done it must be under very demanding conditions so that the buildings remain high value military targets.
By important buildings I mean wonders and factories.
These buildings must be too expensive and too slow to rebuild.

6000 wood + 6000 gold
To be enabled as a construction cart in the urban center only in the imperial age
It takes 10 minutes to be created.

5000 food + 5000 coins + 1000 export
Take 10 minutes to build.
The ‘Advanced Wonders’ card reduces the repair price by 20%. (In addition to your current in-game benefits)
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Because of how strong the Japanese are with their wonders, they must have a higher cost.
6000 food + 6000 coins + 2000 exports.
The Indian Agra Fort could be worth much less:
2000 food + 2000 gold.

Mixed requirements:

You must have control of more than 50% of the trading posts for 10 minutes and only after that you can rebuild.

In case of declaring a commercial monopoly you can start to rebuild immediately, but if you do not maintain the monopoly during the first 5 minutes, your investment will be lost and what you have built until then will be delayed.

If you exceed 5 minutes it will no longer matter if your monopoly falls and you can continue in case it has already begun to rebuild them.

You must be in the imperial age.

Note: Only one wonder or factory can be done at the same time.

How to compensate the American civilizations?
Enabling a community squares upgrade in the imperial era where you only need 10 workers instead of 25 to exploit their full potential, would make up for the fact that other civilizations use factories or wonders.

Expensive price.
Creation time.
Commercial monopoly.
Enemy attacks.
Map control.
Imperial age.

I think that if overcoming these difficulties the player is worthy of restoring their important buildings because the player is overcoming a crisis almost always when this happens.

Would you like to be able to restore important buildings lost in the imperial age? (factories and wonders)

  • YES. It’s a good idea
  • NO. You’re stupid?

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These are just suggestions of more or less how it could be implemented. It’s just to get the idea across.

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No they should not be able to be rebuilt, these buildings are already a huge advantage that they have over other civs like inca/aztec/haud/lakota etc. So they need to prioritize protecting these buildings, just as civs without them need to destroy them.
Allowing them to be rebuilt just makes it pointless to bother destroying them.

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Even if the conditions to repair them are difficult to meet?
Surely the phobia of wonders is generated by the Japanese. But making it difficult I don’t see the problem. I am not suggesting that in 5 minutes you can have your wonder or factory again. As you can read the idea that I want to convey to achieve it is too much, I do not consider it easy. I think this would please both those who want him to recover, and those who do not.

Allowing the replenishment of lost wonders or factories would cheapen the achievement of taking them down, and would drag the game forever, as sometimes happens in AoE2 were all buildings can be rebuilt.


With the conditions that I propose, it could in fact generate more strategic depth.
Imagine that you declare a commercial monopoly to be able to rebuild that marvel. If you go past the first 5 minutes without taking damage to the trading posts, you can continue to rebuild your wonder or factory. But if it is before 5 minutes, you will lose all the investment and you will not be able to continue rebuilding it.

The commercial monopoly is one of the most difficult ways to win. In addition, it must be considered that whoever loses a wonder or manufactures is at a significant disadvantage.

Furthermore, this is intended for the very long term. Even in the treaty it would be difficult to achieve this.

I think it is a good idea to let you rebuild factories and wonders a cost. The reason is that it would help to disincentives toxic play like someone sending Sam’s or helbs to the back of your base. It should cost a lot to rebuild though.

Many civs that don’t have factories still have other resources generation abilities that are forgotten. Inca have their houses that make food and dances that produce wood or units. Japan has shrines and they can rebuild their bank if destroyed. African civ with their cows can generate more influence at max cows than factories. China has things too.

Some of the other natives (Aztec, Iro, Lakota) are balanced without factories since they have early game advantages, cheaper troops or other advantages. I do believe that some of the native civs need more farm and plantation cards though.


The only buildings that I consider truly threatening are the wonders of Japan like the ‘Golden Pavilion’, ‘Shogunate’ and the ‘Toshogu Shrine’. The factories or wonders of other civilizations are not too decisive compared to Japan.

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I think the solution to the Forts and Factories problem would be a huge European DLC.

TWC and TAD made major changes to the game and added a lot of new content. The European DLC could in this case make the Factories buildable by Settlers from the Industrial Age, but only if we unlock this option (e.g. in the Arsenal*). The same could be true of a Fort that could be built by an Explorer (by unlocking this feature in the Barracks* for example).
Or you could unlock these options in Wonder (instead of in the Arsenal* and the Barracks*) - to make it more interesting.

These DLCs could also add a new building for European civs - The Hospital. This building would heal friendly units in its vicinity. A Surgeon could be trained there.

Another new building available to Europeans could be Wonder - available only in the Imperial Age. It could publish a new resource for European civs - Progress.

European civs would receive a new resource “Progress”, which would be generated thanks to the Arsenal and the Factory (Potentially also in Dock, Estate, Market, Mill, Town Center and Trading Post but with a much smaller multiplier).

You could spend this resource in Wonder on Extreme Upgrades, 1-2 brand new Unique Units for civs, or increasing limits like Factories.
Of course, if it wasn’t too easy, the Wonder could only be built for a certain number of “Progress”. So this resource can only be properly used after Wonder is built.

Each European civ could only select one Wonder out of the 5 in the Imperial Age. Each Wonder would come from a different AoE 3 timeframe century (15th century, 16th century, 17th century, 18th century and 19th century).

Each of these Wonders would do the same. It would be different in appearance and content of the shipment. For example, the 15th Century Wonder will deliver the shipment of 15 Settlers + 100 population or the 17th Century Wonder will deliver 2 Factories Wagons + 5 Heavy Canons.

Finally, I would like to add that Cattle could be trained by default in the Livestock Pen. Potentially one could add the possibility of training Pigs there.


Considering that AOE-4 can repair wonders, it no longer seems crazy. The fourth resource could be a good way to rebuild lost factories if it is implemented.

The community is very divided about it. At the time of writing this I was 50% agree and 50% disagree (56 total votes). I expected the will win ‘NO. you’re stupid?’. But there are still not enough votes to be conclusive.

He started winning the no, but because the trend changed? . Is it because in AOE-4 wonders can be restored? Is it because of the way I propose it? Or do you just want them to be able to be restored …?

I revive this survey simply because it seems to me an interesting topic to discuss XD.

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I don’t remember if I proposed it, but I would love it if the revolutions could rebuild their factories.

The imperial age allows you to obtain economic improvements, I don’t see it as a problem that revolutions can rebuild their industries.

I would talk about wonders, but I’m not a fan of Asian civilizations and I never use them so I wouldn’t know how good or bad an idea it would be if they could be rebuilt.

I think that at least the agra fort of the Indians should be rebuildable. It has no relevant impact beyond just being a weaker strong than the Europeans.

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Maybe they could give it an age upgrade IV to improve its stats and make it buildable by explorers with export and wood instead. :smile:

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…Or maybe it should provide something more than just being a long-term defensive building, as I proposed here: Improving the viability of Indian wonders for treaty mode or extended play

Besides improving himself, he also improves defensive buildings. (It could increase your cost accordingly)

Age II. No effect.

Age III. Improves the resistance points of defensive buildings by + 5%. (Walls and towers)

Age IV. Improves the resistance points of defensive buildings by + 5%. (Walls and towers) and increases the range and visual field by 3.0

Age V. Improves the resistance points of defensive buildings by + 10%. (Walls and towers) and increases the range and visual field in 3.0.

Potentially we would have defensive buildings with + 20% resistance points and +6.0 range and visual field. Of course if you build the fort in later ages it will assume the improvements of the previous ages.

Since the ‘upgraded buildings’ equipment card only upgrades their buildings by + 25%, I think they need a little more upgrade to match other civilizations. For other civilizations the card improves buildings by + 40%.

The improved range is so that she can better fight the siege and I don’t consider it absurd as the Japanese can also achieve a +6.0 range with a card. Also because the wood for the Indians is more valuable than for other civilizations and if their defensive buildings are better, it will justify the spindle of that wood in them.

Also, the siege of other civilizations is superior to that of the Indians and improving their defenses would make them stronger at home, but they are no match for mortars. And this would give a greater importance to the Agra Fort considering that it is a wonder.

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