Ponds in arabia?

Would it break the game if they put VERY SMALL ponds (almost just enough space for a dock and some traps) reliably close enough to starting positions that civs like malay or italy could make use of their fish bonuses before the end game?

For example at the same distance as the current wood lines or a little further to make them at least accessible before the late game?

Inb4 “arabia is already too wallable” they could supplement forest for a pond for example, but they need to sort out the RNG on the wood lines for that wallable issue anyway…

It could potentially help alleviate, however small, the difficulty in buffing amphibious civs for arabia.


Indians would make use of this.
And koreans. They would make turtle ships in ponds


yes they would…

lol ok some mad man can do that…

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Wouldn’t it be another map tho? 4 lakes is already kind of like that (ie.ponds for fish but Arabia like gameplay otherwise) Also Alpine lake could be like that if they changed the elevations and the weird wood distribution.

I swear I have seen a game where someone went drakkars on Arabia’s ponds but I can’t find it right now.

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It was Viper on voobly


Yeah i guess so. I was thinking very small ponds though. Like the same size arabia already gets. And only one each, so fewer than alpine lake.

Like literally one small pond each to barely fit a dock and some traps, with the pond maybe not even the size of an alpine lake pond

4 lakes has full on big lakes, and alpine lake has other map distribution differences besides the higher number of ponds.

As long as the pond doesn’t break anything else on the map it’s worth a try. A pond with 2 shore fish and big enough for 7-8 fishing ships sounds balanced but a little smaller would probably also be enough if you only want to help Italians and Malay.
There is a game on YT where Viper loses hard against Vivi because he tries to use the ponds on Arabia with Malay.

No matter how small the pond is, it will also help civs like Vikings and Japanese too.

Fixed ponds in arabia —> shore fish —> indians every single game.
No thanks, hard pass

And it won’t even help civ that are good on water since you have to invest way too much wood to make it work

I think Viper has already proved that his meme fish boom on Arabia is a terrible plan haha. It’s micro intensive to get set up, a lot more expensive then farms, and it’s pretty vulnerable as there’s no real way to protect your fishing ships.

I dont think making pond generation more consistent would break Arabia, but I also don’t think it would improve the odds for Malay or Italians unfortunately.

extra dumb idea

Here’s a fun-worth nothing-bad idea: Give malay the ability to build ponds, they are 2×2 water patches that cost a little more then farms to build, and you can create a few next to each other to build a dock and fish in. I recognize that this idea would totally break the game, and Malay could build themselves into Islands, but it sounds fun! :smiley:

it depends only on two things:

  1. Are the ponds going to spawn consistently close to a player?
  2. How many shore fish are going to be in there?

Because if a couple of ponds with 4 shore fish each spawn next to a player, it will become a indians map in a second

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Isnt Cenotes a map like Arabia, but with more ponds?