Poor Gameplay Performance


the aoe de is runing too absurdly slow.
I have a 16 gb ram, i7 x940 2.13ghz, nvidia fx 3800m and directx 12 laptop…
how is that possible…
i already uninslalled and reinstalled it and still the same problem!!!
It’s impossible to play it…

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Is the FX 3800M a Quadro model for workstations ? I don’t know if they are intended for gaming, and if they suit AoE DE.


yes, it’s a workstation laptop.
still is 839 benchmark and the game require a minimum of 500…

i got far better specs than the recommended requirements and is going slow motion … practically is impossible to play it…
i’m so frustrated as i just bought it and i lost all my day off from work to try and manage to solve the issue…
i also contact microsoft support and the girl said to me that the issue may be the gpu…
how is that possible as it’s far better than the minimum and also the recommended spec.???


Maybe the game needs something this card lacks of, what benchmark did you use ?

I had similar problem with my 8800M GTX, far more powerful than a 410M, but it works on this one, and doesn’t on mine, because it’s Dx11 and mine Dx10.



Says that nvidia fx 3800m has direct X10. Game requires direct X 11.


I specified I have directx 12, with 16gb ram, i7 x940
nvidia quadro fx 3800m has
5gb memory
1 gb vram display memory
and 4 gb shared memory

so i have all it’s needed for this game ovevr the minimun requirements specs…
still it’s impossible to play with.
it works in slow motion…


Don’t trust what says Dxdiag about DirectX version, that actually tells the DirectX supported by Windows 10, not the graphics card’s.

I think pate623 is correct, your card is Dx10 as my 8800M GTX on my old laptop, you know, Dxdiag on this computer also tells I have Dx12… but when I start the game, I have 2 warnings of old hardware saying the game may run bad and guess what… It runs bad, something like 0.5 FPS, and black text characters instead of white.