Poor tactile feedback

The tactile feedback is too poor to effectively perceive whether the selection is successful. For example, take a tree / sheep as the TC assembly point, but often a group of villagers gather in a daze if they don’t pay attention. I think this needs to be optimized. What do you think?


Here is a trick, if you put units on a relic, the monk can’t have, is imposible to select the relic with the monk, and same thing happens with a lot of other selections

I agree it’s not very intuitive for new players. For anyone that doesn’t know the gather point flag turns blue along with the line connecting the TC to the gather point if it is on a resource. If it’s just on the ground the flag and line are yellow.

Lol, wy waste villager, when sheep do the job . XD

I mean, I didn’t mentioned villagers xD and sheeps are units right? Haha

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My greatest gripe with the game is unit selection and feedback. Especially a problem for us who only play multiplayer.