Pop limit new mechanic

Hello, this is just a random though. Not asking for make it real.
Something I don’t like in most games is the crystal wall mechanic. This is an not organic or self regulated way to balance some situation.
In case of AoE, the population growth is regulated by an arbitrary setting.
What if there is not pop limit? But instead, houses support less units with each advanced age.
This is each house support, from Dark to Imp, 10/5/3/1 units.


Whats the point of this?

Good question. For post-imp even matches, an alternative could be overwelm the oponent by inverting in houses

too many units and buildings will cause lag

But the game already have the option of play with more pop… the difference is the way to reach the limit

in your opinion , you need to build 500 house to reach 500 pop
and you said there is no pop limit which means you can build 1k house for 1k pop

Exactly… but is not entirely true. TCs and castles count for pop space too.

Population and the way it works is a huge issue with AoE2. But Rebalancing it is just not an option at this point. Ideally, different units should have taken up different amount of pop space. Something like 1 for vil, 2 for any infantry/foot archer, 4 for cavalry and 5 for elephants/siege.

In my opinion, this is a fundamental issue with AoE2, and it will never reach a perfect balance because of this.

Another mechanic I can think of is that you consume a fixed amount of food as per your pop. This is realistic, and it balances itself. You can only keep your military growing so much till you hit a limit on farmers and your food income. The exact amount of food consumed per second needs to be calculated. This mechanic isn’t for this game either. I’m afraid we’re stuck with what we have at this point.