Pop limit over 500 doesn't work in Standard Games

Going over 500 pop with a data mod for some reason doesn’t work in Standard games. I know that it DID once work because I used to play with K&J’s 1000 and unlimited pop mods. Something has got messed up so that it now only works in Scenarios, which is annoying. To have the full effect of my mod, you now need to first generate a map in the scenario editor, which makes you see the map, which is a problem. In my mod I’m modifying resource 32 (which the goth bonus pop in imp also uses).

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. In advanced Genie Editor, make a new Tech and give it the needed values (I think you should know stuff like giving it 0 for the number of needed techs value and typing -1 for the required techs and cost types, etc).
  2. Make a new Effect which modifies resource 32 (for example +500 so you have 1000 in total)
  3. Assign the Effect to the Tech
  4. Now just save and open the game

-> Now, when playing a Standard game, you will see that you can’t go over 500 pop, although it should work
-> When you test a game in the scenario editor however (you can just place castles to get over 500 theoratical pop (you can do that easily by pressing ctrl + g until the castle preview appears yellow and then just placing them on top of each other)) you should now see that you CAN get over 500 pop.

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