Population Cap & Treaty Time

I know pop cap had been discussed months ago but there’s also been a lot mentioned about a bunch of features of previous AOE games that haven’t been implemented and other features that other prominent RTS games that AOE4 clearly lacked for some odd reason. One thing that boggled my mind was the 200 population cap limit. I liked in AOE2 where you could go up to 500, not that It was always needed but it was a cool feature to be able to select the level of pop cap you could have. I’m not sure if it’s that they were worried with the current framework if having that many moving characters, especially on large maps, could cause bugs or what but it should be a simple feature to add overall.

The other thing was the ability, like in previous games, to have treaty limits where you could determine a certain amount of time before the enemy would attack. Like maybe in this random skirmish my strategy is going to be economic power house VS going straight to military but with the AI, even on easy, gets super annoying attacking you so soon. Sometimes I like that urgency to get everything built up and fend off waves of attacks while trying to age up, but other times I like to sit back and chill and you just can’t do that. Also should’ve been an easy feature to add.

That’s my two cents.