Ports are not feeling to be competitive civilization

Port isn’t even good in 3v3. It’s just okay. People which are bad at the game and can’t rush well think they’re OP.

Most good players in the top 500 are rushing at min5/6. You never have time to ff let alone get goons up as port.

The sad thing is even if a port does do a perfect ff their goons arn’t even strong until they get around 15 of them + 3 buffs. They’re certainly not statistically stronger than anything(other than horses, which lots of other things counter) until until age 4 when you can upgrade them to their second rank.


Ports are playable in Team, but not op by any means. A 2v2 rush is actually more effective and punishing and Ports have even less of a chance here than with 1v1 rush. Treaty and water maps - Ports are above average. But in terms of game balance, I don’t know that we should cater towards treaty…

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In terms of game balance, ports are currently staying at the lowest tier, the civ is just performing much worse than most civs, almost all causal players also agree with it. Hopefully ports will be made playable in the next updates.

I have been playing with ports since the game launch.

I agree that some bust is necessary.

it is difficult to get out of 50% victories since, when the level of the opponents increases, it is very difficult to win with FF. Only on water maps I have a good balance.

The village food cost reduction is interesting because it is difficult to transition to farms and, at the same time, resist attacks. Another interesting update may be to advance the genitours card to the third age. This would increase the efficiency of hitting and running, facilitating the match against light infantry, and artillery

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The problem with Ports is their transition through colonial, as their vills consume the same food they need to FF (and it is okay for a civ to not be a colonial power but only fortress and up, but it needs to be viable).

Either the idea of the 4 vils card or better yet, the 85f vils (cumulative with the 5% bonus) maks FF way more viable in a land map.

Ports do not have to be a rushing civ, or even a viable colonial age civ (many arent) but they should have (like dutch) a viable FF or semi FF land strat (and they dont have that).

Already done and it was broken

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85 food is extreme. Start with 93, and give 2 musks for free with the politician that gives musk range to make it a viable politician.

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i am ok with something like that.

Maybe give them some new bonus for example, like all upgrades and techs are researched faster (Like the new bonus of the ones of AOE2), it can makes them more like a solid civ early game.

And upgrading to Guerreiros and Jinetes would be faster, thus a great distinction to the British musketeers.

Ports are in good shape. They are basically as strong as Germans/Iro/Dutch. Mid tier civ atm I’d say.

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Ports are in good shape. They are basically as strong as Germans/Iro/Dutch. Mid tier civ atm I’d say.

People only really know what they’re doing in the top 500, maybe top 750.

Fact is, litterally nobody in that bracket plays port because it really isn’t competitive atm.

I exclusivley play 3v3’s btw, no idea on 2v2 or 1v1.

Ports are fine!!
Many pro players are having no issues with that civ!!
The vill cost had to be reverted because it was making the civ broken!!
They can already FF without any issue and although they are a slow civ if they choose to go for a fast industrial its really hard to punish as you can easily loose all of the army to colonial militia(Town militia) pop!!
Also their jinetes was something that had to be nerfed because on tad they were broken units and would even kill their counter!!