Ports are not feeling to be competitive civilization

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that ports are feeling to be performing quite under with the revert to cheaper vills and nerf to dragoon ranged resistance (main and unique unit of ports)
They are looking to be far from being competitive especially on non-water maps, while they are looking to be more than fine on water maps.
It would be benefical if Possible adjustements could be made to make the civ more competitive.

What could be done?

  • Remove %5 hunting bonus to replace with 90food cheaper villagers instead.
  • add special +%5 ranged resistance to dragoon compact card (goons are the unique unit of ports and unique units should be better than normal units normally)

If these changes could be implemented, not only it’s impact also not going to be significant on water, but also will make the civ more competitive for players.

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I don’t support any changes to the dragoon, which is one of the best unit in the game even with the range resistance range (and I used to only played portuguese)

A discount in vills cost could arguably be a good idea. Portuguese are very tight in food because they have to produce vills with 3 TC early {8 min) and all their unit have high food cost (musk 75, dragoon 90 hussars 120 and even cassador 80). The problem is that Portuguese don’t have a great early game, which means that they won’t have access to many good hunting spot because they will loose map control, even tough their TC could be used to secure some hunting spot.

Food discount is more than a need, it is more of a must currently because ports are almost unplayable (non water maps) for competitive games now. About the goon nerf, ports indeed require stronger goon than other civs. First of all, it’s unique unit aka Jinete of ports, and then ports are already designed to have stronger goons than other civs, cassadors who have %50 less hp than an actual skirm proves that indeed very much. Cassadors are worse version of skirms design wise. Hopefully something will be made about that aswell.

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Portuguese have a strong age 3 card with +20% hp and attack. and Jinetes is another +10%. + 4 range with genitours, and you have the strongest dragoon. You could buff genitours to give +10% damage in
addition to the range, I believe this was done in the fanpatch.

Lol, I’ll trade classic skirmisher versus cassador anytime ! The 4.5 speed is really helping even though cassador have less hp. It’s just the high food cost of cassadores that bother me honestly

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Issue is that the game doesn’t take place from only skirm wars. There is skirm vs artillery, skirm vs hand infrantry, skirm vs cav situations. Skirms are slightly perform better in those situations because of having better hp. And the speed would benefit you only against heavy infrantry that’s it, you still wouldn’t benefit that much in skirm wars aswell eventhought it would still help some. What I’m trying to say is that cassadors were made to be weak for a purpose, because of unique jinetes and strong goons. But since goons arent strong anymore. It is much harder to protect the cassadors, a solution is required I believe.

Why porto so strong in team if their units are that bad?

In team mode you can rely on one single unit type so that it is becoming easier to protect or make a good composition. Also ports do scale well in team mode among with other boom civs. But it doesn’t have effect to 1v1 balance at all.

I’ve been waiting for a Port buff for years. I feel like the only reason they haven’t gotten a more significant one is because everyone ignores this team. I was so excited when they had reduced cost in the beta for vils. But no…

The 5% isn’t quite enough. Combine it with 90 cost vils, or at least like 93 cost vils. Or, give them 2 musks with the age-up politician that focuses on musk/bow range to make that a viable option.

The devs basically need to find a way to introduce either:
A) A viable way for them to fight age 2, currently they can hussar hunt or musket, both of which there are far better factins for, it wouldn’t make sense to play this faction for age 2 currently.
B) Increase the speed at which they can ff

Meanwhile Ports in AOE2 are celebrating their new bonus…

An idea could be introducing a 4 vill card in age 2? you wouldnt send 4v if your doing a water boom, but could be a good 1st or 2nd card a port player would send in a land 1v1. problem is is that would make ports even stronger in team.

This conundrum has puzzled ESOC for years, with no real way of resolving it.

Ports are fine, the +5% hunt bonus is more significant to the early game, than the Vill discount.

Porto is absolutely fine for team games, especially efficient on water. U have a free TC everytime u age, I think it’s OP enough.

Some civs are designed for team games, like port, others for 1v1, like spain and germany.

Let the devs focus on what matter for now, fixing the game and the online possibilities.

Could the Medicine card not be moved back to Age 2 (from Age 3)? Most other civs have access to the card at age 2. And yes, while Ports have the ability to train settlers more quickly, it still requires an exorbitant amount of food, and they don’t have access to any settler cards. Additionally, by the time they reach age 3, quite a number of settlers would’ve been trained, thus reducing the card’s overall priority/need.

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