Ports should repair ships

Actually ships can’t be heal, it will be more intersting if ports heal them, it will be slow like monks but at least the ships can be heals.

One port can heal a maximum of 10 ships, more ports will just increase the number you heal, not the efficacity of the heal.


Wdym “ships can’t be healed”? You can repair them with villagers.


I think Tiptop is trying to say that Docks should be able to repair nearby ships.
I’m not fully against this idea, but it would have to be restricted to a civilization’s bonus or Unique Tech. If every civ could do it then Villagers being able to repair ships would be absolutely redundant.

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I know that’s what he is trying to say. Probably because he is used to playing AoE more where villagers can’t repair ships but docks can. But since we have vill repair it’s redundant. Also with the Bengali bonus I don’t think this mechanic would be relevant even for one civ.

please no

if at all, then at a significantly slower rate than villager repairing


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That’s not necessarily true imo. You could strengthen the effect compared to the Bengali, but only localize it to just beside the dock. That way, the Bengali can repair anywhere (even in a fight), but this hypothetical civ would have to make a trip to repair them all faster. There’s a few ways you could mess around with that type of mechanic.

Empire Earth had this mechanics, docks had a square area around them in which ships were automatically healed for ships. In AoE2 it would make attacking docks from the sea even more tedious (ships would protect the dock while the dock is healing the ships) and it would also make fishing ships more viable as they would recover a small amount of hp everytime they would bring back food, not mentioning it would allow you to spend far less wood. It would change water meta quite a lot.


Wow, from a guy who hates drastic changes to the game and you propose this?

-Portos are really good in water, why buff them there?-

Edit: Could be a good idea for a particular civ, similar to the new Caravanserai, it could be tone down if ends being too OP


Not Portuguese, Ports. Dock, the building?

you should take the time to read the usernames

I had the same idea but the issue is you can’t build docks on water to cover the whole trade route.This would be a good bonii for a trade/sea civi but not all civis.

You mean AoE3? I haven’t played AoE1 too much but I don’t think docks can do that in it.

This isn’t MatCauthon3, it’s another guy with the same profile picture.

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I’m suprised why is he suspended lol.

You’re right, I was surprised by the proposal knowing MatCauthon3
My mistake

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It is really confusing that they argued in the same topic.:joy: But indeed very funny.

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