Portugese-Brazilian "Guard of Honor"

The portugese Brazil-revolution-card “guard of honor” dosent properly upgrade Dragoons to Jinetes.
They only become guard-dragoons and the royal-guard status (+10% dmg & hp) must still be researched for the same cost as the royal-guard-upgrade(similar to the old bugg before DE when revolting as Ottomans with O’higgins without researching royal-guard Hussars beforehand).
Problem does not exist for the Dutch Ruyter.

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I think that it is intended that “Guard of Honor” is just an extra buff to the Jinetes and does not substitute them in any way. It should be a bigger buff in order for them to be able to compete with Imperial Units and make Brasil Revolt more Competitive

Yeah, but my point is, that the card is also applying the guard upgrade for free. It upgrades your Dragoons to guard, but not to royal-guard (jinete) status. The royal-guard upgrade must still be bought for the same price (1000 wood & gold) just for the 10% extra damage & health (while it usually gives you +40% for guard + royal-guard). For dutch it works as intended: Their Ruyters are upgraded to Crabineers.

The late-game/treaty strength of Brazilian-revolution lies in their Jaguncos: they are very pop- and cost-effective (iirc 1 pop, 120 food),with “riding school”-card and “wild west”- & “Mass Cavalry”-upgrades they are produced instantly, they give alot of Build-XP (iirc 24). So spamming them is very effective.
Since Jaguncos are an Outlaw variant of the Lakota’s Rifle Rider, they count as both: light AND heavy Cavalry. This makes them most vulnerable against skirmishers and light Cav.
Since light Cav’s damage bonus only works against HEAVY cavalry, the Brasilian Dragoons with Guard of Honor are suddenly a strong counter against light Cavalry! The card makes them ALOT better against skirms in melee as well.
So I think “Guard of Honor” is supposed not to be a buff do Dragoons, but to make them a counter against the counter of Brazil’s main strength - the Jaguncos - Making Jaguncos and Dragoons/Ruyters a strong unit-combo for Brazil.