Portuguese buff September suggestion

So your alternative is to create tons of threads for each person suggestion with people repeating themselves over and over and over because each OP (like yourself) is too lazy to read the thread before them where people already mentioned it’s porto and italys early game that’s the issue…


Ironically if they increase the projectile velocity on the HC it will both buff the HC AND help fix aquebus…

That was obvious sarcasm bruh


That is a very valid point.
Fortunately this could be easily fixed:

 - Feudal Age Bombard towers now shoot wooden cannonballs, which
   only deal 1 damage to buildings

popular threads that have good suggestion will tend to grow while the ones with suggestions that aren’t so popular will continue to be backlogged regardless of if the suggestion is actually good or not. even controversial ones tend to only be written in for so long before the thread dies while the good ones will keep being either commented on or remade into new threads every once in a while to remind everyone or something along those lines. w

in any case, until the devs decide to make an official thread per civ and have a forum moderator place each suggestion into the first post of each thread per civ, your sarcasm can take a hike and the devs can take their time to read the suggestion threads however they please.

added in a fourth bonus to the main post
Farms give 1 gold for every 20 food gathered (if someone can bring in a more balanced ratio, let me know)

They could also just make the build time insane in the feudal and castle age like how they nerfed TC drops in feudal with Cumans.

What about a market bonus? Some of these may work also for Italians, since the trade theme is common:

  • villagers can be trained in markets with, say, +400% TT in feudal, and maybe +300% in castle/imp. Or other percentage, but at least 100-150 seconds per villager
  • trade charts generate gold if garrisoned in the market (up to a certain amount)
  • markets can be garrisoned by villagers and also are dropping points (like TCs, but no arrow fire)
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seem s busted

like the tatar bonus ?

so make farms over feitoria as they run out give you gold?


something like that, honestly plenty of buffs they could gain for the early game, but I prefer to fast boom into imperial and straight for 10 feitoria and 19 extra pop (219 on 200 limit) near the 25-30 mark, so my focus from my point of view is more-so on the imperial usage, which is why I’m attempting to suggest things for the most useful buildings for the ports, being bombard towers and walls, speaking of which, I’m all for an increase in their stone wall defense stats/hp stats and/or their villager repair speed or a decrease in cost for repairing anything from siege to castles