Portuguese buff September suggestion

Bombard Towers free, +1 range, projectile speed increased to the rate of spanish cannon galleons

From least to most wanted, all three would be nice, and yes all three are for bombard towers

adding in a fourth:
Farms give 1 gold for every 20 food gathered (if someone can bring in a more balanced ratio, let me know)

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When a civ is deemed bad or in need of a buff, it’s 99% of the time because the early game is mediocre.

Suggesting imperial age buffs in return is like changing the roof on a car without wheels, you’re kind of missing the point.


But the problem is that there are very few eco bonus left

Doesn’t really matter. Pick a military bonus then, be creative. But it has to be something that affects the early to midgame, not a buff to bombard towers that won’t see the light of day because the civ is already dead by that point.


Perhaps each built Barracks provide 2-3 militia not sure.
Or +50 of the respective resource by every lumbercamp/mill/mining camp

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The bombard tower bonus is a buff to their feitoria powerhouse and would see many lights of many days.

If you want an early bonus just give them mining techs for free, they honestly don’t need much to succeed.

Malians have that…

Here’s a few ones wierdly off the bat that may or may not work:

1: deer within 30 tiles are automatically lured to within 1-2 tiles of the town center

2: berries last 25-100% longer

3: farms give 1 gold each time they run out of all their food and need to be reseeded

4: we can probs make more

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I agree. I think their late game is really good already. As I stated in my post, I would give them 20% extra hp for pikes and skirms, or another bonus that helps them through early game

To fix the aforementioned early game issue as well as strengthen the Portuguese identity as bombard tower spammers, I propose to complete OP’s suggestion with the following:

 - Bombard towers are now available from Feudal age

An eco bonus still unused in aoe 2 is the resource tricke. Portuguese have one after building a feitoria. They may get a 20g/min from feudal. It is an eco buff equivalent more or less to +1 vill… at least until imp

Why not both? Free stone mining upgrades would affect bombard towers indirectly

People already complain about Tower Rushes and Castle Drops.

Can’t wait to hear about BBT drops, and how they destroy Feudal TCs.


This would be beyond broken


Agree, we might need to revert that during the Portuguese October nerf month

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Just left them be op,no nerf needed.
Leitis still strong,borderline op as a unit, but It’s the general civ balance right, not unit balance akone. So bbt in feudal alone is fine, riiiight?../s

My favourite civ combat bonus suggestion that isn’t used is still lower frame delay for archers/handcannons.

Kipchap shot before even drawing their bow, 11. Could be a civ bonus that is good early to Micro in low numbers and get weaker late. Ethiopians bonus is better, than this especially in mass fights.

There are so many parallel topics the gunpowder handcannons balance or the genitoir made regional unit, aquebus bug report, feitoria rework, that all could potentially affect Portuguese too. It becomes hard to discuss these separately.


It seems a lot of threads about Portuguese recently. Why not focus on one post?

Cause each new suggestion will be lost in the flurry, unless the devs allow us to add each new suggestion to the first post of each thread for each civ

Portuguese would then destroy TC and buildings in feudal age with ease. New meta of Bombard tower rush breaks the game.

I have posted my idea before in 3 posts. ‘Outpost cost no stone’. This grant bonus equivalent to free cartography from beginning, which is completely useless in 1 vs 1 for Portuguese. More outposts can be built and give more info of what opponent’s doing.

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I’ve compiled some here: