Portuguese Getting Organ Guns as Unique Unit?

First, i know that.
And we have it in the game. Two-handed swordsman and Champion.
But longsword in the game is used with shield, what not reflect this role. This is clearly earlier timeperiod. In role you tell, was used greatsword in many variations.

Because it is not a Longsword, at all. It is what people in the 90s thought Longswords were, influenced by D&D and American shows.

The ingame Longswordsmen should have been named just Swordsman.

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Can be longsword, longswords were in many variations :wink:
And this is right, medieval people just tell this weapon “sword” without specification. This term was created in XIX century, if i remember correctly.
But this is clear off-topic and this in not about historicly-accurate portrayl of sword in this game :wink:

Fun fact the beta unit skin for the long swordsman was in fact a 2 handed sword.

No, Longsword just means Two-Handed Sword in History. It is not a Medieval term, but for historical classification, only large swords that must be wielded in both hands, are called Longswords.

Because it was the one that made sense.

Guess they just decided to go with how Samurai are in popculture, I mean they are an infantry unit in Civ 5 too and anywhere and everywhere they are depicted, they are always a katana wielding infantry.

They deferred to pop culture in a lot of things, which is why it is ridiculous to ask for historical accuracy in this game.

Tbh, I like the walking samurai better anyway. :grin: :grin:


Something I still dont understand is why the catapact got a more historically accurate look and none of the other uu’s,leaving out the fantasy once.

Yea I can’t understand it either why they had to make it ugly. The old one was prettier.


New one looks much better. But I simply like lamellar armour.


They should have went all in with a lance if they were going for accuracy, the animation should’ve been like the leitis selling the trample better

Visually anyone armed with a spear/lance is always a anti cavalry unit.

Steppe lancers? They’re terrible vs cavalry. And weren’t halberds just used to fight the mounted man and not impaling the horse itself?

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You should not attack the horse in battle rather the rider.Real war is not like what they show in cinema.
When you have a polearm unit in game its easy to identify to use it against cavalry same for the camels in game.Mamlukes rides a camel for the same reason.

Not completely true, there were several weapons designed to cut off the horse’s head or legs, so to throw the rider down.
Halberds were often used to decapitate horses for this effect.

Historically, Halberdiers would be mixed in with Pikemen formations, as Pikes were longer and better against mounted troops, and Halberds were shorther and better against foot troops that managed to get into the pike’s dead zone (where the Pike becomes completely innefective as a weapon).


yikes, poor horsies :frowning:


Warfare is cruelty and efficiency.

In fact, the more cruel the war, the less victims it has, and the shorter it is.
This is why moral people try to avoid war, but go full out when it cannot be avoided.