Portuguese Getting Organ Guns as Unique Unit?

Why do the Portuguese get organ guns, historically speaking? Wasn’t the organ gun primarily used by France and England? I can’t seem to find a reason why the Portuguese get this as their unique unit.

You are several years too late, and Portuguse have them because they were the most technologically advanced civilization, by the end of the Middle Ages, inventing several kinds of gunpowder weaponry.


You are right, organ guns aren’t particularly unique to Portuguese. But then again, war wagons are basically made up, mamelukes were not cimitar-throwing bactrian camel riders, and so on.


Berbers never had Genitours in their armies, Woad Raiders are from Classic Antiquity and do not fit Medieval Celts, Slavs did not invent Orthodox Christianity, there was never a civilization called Vikings…


what??? civilization and state doesn’t mean the same…

Viking was an occupation, not a culture or civilization.

Having a civ named Vikings is the same as having a civ named Farmers, or Carpenters.

Viking just mean “Man of the Bay” or Pirate.

The actual culture/civilization name was Norse.

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Normans are Franks in AoE2.
Norse is not Vikings. Vikings only means Pirates or Raiders.




  1. any of the Scandinavian seafaring pirates and traders who raided and settled in many parts of north-western Europe in the 8th–11th centuries.

It was never the name of a culture or civilization.
Calling Norse Vikings is like calling Mongols Horsemen.
Horsemen is not a culture, Mongols is a culture.


This reminds of the YouTube video where one of the original Age Of Empires II designers tries to make guesses about the future expansions.

At 11:23 he tries to guess the Portuguese unique unit and he explains why Iberians (Spanish and Portuguese) had to use mounted javelineers (Genitours) against Moors. His reaction to Berber Genitour is quite telling.

The Berbers have genitours? Genitours FOUGHT the berbers!


True, but AoE2 is known for this kind of stuff, and honestly, it is kind of charming.

Tbh I wish the Korean were made by FE and not ES, just to see his reaction to the War Wagon 11


I guess UU’s in AoE just don’t make sense sometimes…
Also, that Genitour fact made me laugh

I would like unique units to be more historically accurate. Giving berbers the genitours, while they actually fought against them is a mistake IMO.

Actually from what I have read from this and couple of other topics about unique units I have gotten the feeling, that I don’t want to know more about unique units, because knowing, that they are basically fantasy kinda ruins immersion for me.

The game did this with every civ since AoK.

Celts never had Woad Raiders, Samurai were actually Horse Archers, Mayans never had Eagle Warriors (Eagle an Jaguar Knights were exclusively Nahuatl Warrior Societies, so only Aztecs should have them)…

This game contains historical references, not representation or accuracy.

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Tbh Samurai did also fight on foot with katanas. And it’s for a good reason Japanese get FU cav archer. Besides Kataparuto, Japanese are quite accurate for an AoE2 civ.

The Katana was not a battlefield weapon, it was a sidearm, meant for use only after you lost your Spear or Bow, just like most swords throughout History.

For a proper battlefield main weapon sword, they would need a No-Dachi, which was not very common.

Samurai were mainly Horse Archers, a tradition they inherited from the Imichi. In fact, they were said to be possessed by the “Spirit of the Imichi”.

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I get it, but I mean it’s not like making people use scimitar as a throw weapon, stuff like that. It wasn’t as common as what AoE would let you thing but it’s not impossible. And Japanese do get their good cav archers, which while they look the same as all other cav archers can represent Japanese tradition of horse archery just fine.


As well as longsword in Europe. And you have Longswordsmen, Knights-line, scout-line, all with swords.

Longswords actually were Battlefield weapons, since Longswords were Two-Handed Swords for Infantry.


What people call a Longsword is actually an Arming Sword, which was indeed a sidearm.

But not for Cav. And for Inf also prefered weapon were polearms.

Longswords were actually used because Polearms were so prevalent. The role of a Longswordsman was to break Pike/Polearms formations, which is why they were actually used in the battlefield.