Portuguese grenadier is better than Russian hahaha

Captura de Tela (43) portugueses granadier
Captura de Tela (45) russian granadier

I think the Russian grenadier needed something unique that differentiates him from the others, as we can see the Russian grenadier is generic like other civilizations that don’t focus on grenadiers the only thing that makes him different is the training time that is faster than the others, some ideas

-having greater range and greater damage to replace using sterletsy in treated more slow training

-be cheaper and have less hit points

-be 1 pop and have less resistance and have more range

-be cheaper to have 1 pop and have greater range and be weaker in damage and health

-grenadier have some multiplier for infantry

what makes me make this post that in the description of Russian civilization and that says that the royal guard unit and the grenadier and the cavalry archer, in my view are terrible units and almost never used


Royal guard unit does not necessary mean a better unit at the end. German skirmisher are less powerfull than FU dutch skirmisher

In your case, you forgot the fact that russian infantery train faster. And above all, the card ransack, which boost infantery siege damage by 50%. Russian grenadiers are beast to kill building.

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mesmo assim com dano a cerco para construções e uma unidade ruim… eu mencionei que ele treinam rápido você que não leu

the only thing its better at is HP, it has lower attack in comparison

sim mais e só 1 de dano era pra eles serem melhores por serem unidades da guarda

Nice ideas, it was cool to see that they made an improvement to the ottoman grenadier (now humbaraci), serving a special role in the army as a “marching culverin”.

So besides that role, and besides an anti-infantry grenadier role like the fire thrower (Maltese) they could maybe perform as a specialized unit.

Options for Russia’s PAULOV GRENADIERS, maybe?:

-Marching mortar or ram (higher bonus vs buildings, far less against all else).

-Marching tank (Super high stats all around, as they were after all, a giant grenadier regiment)

-Anti cavalry grenadiers (grenadiers armed with bayonets to counter cavalry) → This one would maybe have some significance with the actual acomplishments of the Pavlovsky life guards.

Or something else…


I really wanted them to serve as a second skimish option for the Russians it would be interesting to have 20 range with reduced area damage but with very high siege it worked as a mexican soldier being a skimish version


Similarly, German skirms are not really better than Dutch.


Dutch skirms are some of the best in the game, but who actually have worse skirms than the Germans?

if we are talking just generic skirms, im pretty sure germans are at the bottom, only 4 civs even get them (germany, dutch, france and spain) and germany has the lowest ceiling (only +10% stats and +15% HP)

atleast spain gets +50% atk by the lategame

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