Positivity Thread about AOE2 in general

I just wanted to say that I’m happy that our game is going so strong even after such a long time. It’s incredibly that this game is still going on. I hope for the best in the future.


I second that. Even with all its flaws it is infinitely better than most micro-transaction-ridden grindy garbage trash that game corporations put out nowadays.

I love this game


Positivity assumed a different meaning in the Covid era :grimacing:

I’m just wondering what the point of these threads is. Sales say more than words.
If you just want to express your love that’s cool I guess. The game is in greater shape than it has ever been.
Usually people only discuss negative aspects of a game because that’s what needs to be worked on. :sweat_smile:

Such comment should have more details, for example, rank and game mode that you play, otherwise if you only play william wallace the game is perfectly fine and so far no issues, you got what you paid for, but if you play MP in competitive then i highly doubt he would share the same opinion.

actually no… i think aoe2 is doing really well. and i ONLY play 1v1 ranked. so nice try on thinking the player base is as negative as this forum…

it is almost always the negative people that are the most vocal, why do you guys have to break OP down just because he wants to express his joy/gratitude?

bunch of reaaallly negative people here, and the biggest irony, the majority of the player base plays SP… meaning if anything they have had the best time… so even bigger pie in your face…


A thread for positive things is a good idea. Positive feedback is the best motivation for devs.

And yes there are many goid things. For instance the great design of DE overall. For me, Warcraft III was the best RTS for a long time, nowadays, AOE 2 took the title.

And I like the bohemians with their quite unique design.

Especially when you consider how much better job Microsoft has done with AoE2: DE than Blizzard has done with WC3 Reforged.

U got the point as you do in most of your posts.

Blizzard still hasn’t even implemented ranked ladder in wc3

I think WC3: Reforged will go down as the textbook example on how not to make and release a remaster for a game

It was not my intention to start a warcraft or blitäzzatd discussion but itseems that everyone agrees in that point. Maybe we do so, becazse its just true :slightly_smiling_face: