Possible balances for Ethiopia

After almost 2 days since the launch of the new DLC, some very OP build orders and some serious balance problems have already been released.

A clanmate invented the following strategy, basically it is an extremely fast rush and very difficult to hold, if not impossible.

I tried every possible strategy with my mains, but it is very difficult to stop it.

My proposals are as follows, taking into account messages and comments from other players that I have been collecting.

-Set the Shotel Warrior multiplier only against light infantry, and not against all infantry

-Move the shipment of 9 Portuguese arcabusiers to fortresses (it is not a letter that should be in commercial age, it is too powerful)

-Reduce the range of the Gascenya and adapt the HP to compensate

-Move the Javelin Rider to the Fortress age.

Do you agree with these balances? Any suggestion, I remind you to discuss it with respect.

Attached twich channel of my partner and recs

NerfEtiopia.age3Yrec (3,3 MB)
NerfEtiopia2.age3Yrec (3,0 MB)
NerfEtiopia3.age3Yrec (3,1 MB)

Shotel warriors don’t need that nerf they suck already compared to coyote and uber runners and they cost more gold.

This first (or other Javelin nerfs), and then we can see if the others are still necessary. Ethiopia is surely on the OP side of things. Hausa is somewhat OK.

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In large quantities, they eat musketeers and even pikemen. And they can be mashed very fast!

They are similar to lancers in this regard.

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I would rather see an hp decrease

Or make it like 8 or even 7 maybe

I’m not sure, I think we should take it slow, for example we do the two top nerfs, and then if they still are OP then we do this also, we don’t want a situation where the civ constantly gets nerfed than buffed then nerfed again.

The shotel cost could just be increased slightly rather than this drastic change.

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Not cost effectively.They break even at best, which is fine.

and like lancers they suck when they clash with other cav…or in this case coyotes.

Basically they’re specialised shock infantry version of lancers.

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If a civ is strong and we dont know how to play them then we are in big trouble

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That’s a great point😁

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shotel are fine, they sorta fill the void of not having a skirm age 2. The real issue of course is javelins and the very affordable hand cannoneers, both of which i would consider an easy fix. a few of the new natives overperform as well but thats a minor civ issue, not an ethiopia issue

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I’m not fond of cannoneers in age 2 myself they’re mercenary units, and the only mercenary unit in age 2 previously was landsknecht for german and swedes.

I can live with jav riders they need the card to be strong and it’s not available til age 3, til then they have the sucky range resist of 10. And even then not as good as Eagles.

Yes, they are essentially the shock infantry version of lancers, and shock infantry is essentially carvery, it is a nice twist to add the same utility but with a different approach, so i’d say it’s best to leave them alone.