Possible bug fix ,balancing issue, and ideas

  1. Cataphracts are too weak for the amount of resource it takes to make them. They lose to basically every unit of their counter part, even to composite and chariot archers which are bronze age units
  2. Siege is overpowered.Heliopolis only weakness is Catapult and Catapults protected by units decimates every other unit aside from enemy catapult. Ballista upgrade further overpowers siege by increasing their accuracy. Siege can mass too easily and move as fast as foot soldiers which doesn’t make sense.
  3. Settings that allow unit restrictions, so game modes like no siege no priest or RM hillcountry no walls wont have to rely on player’s honesty to not cheat
  4. Walking over unfinished buildings
  5. More unit control options
  6. fix large group of units from getting stuck in small paths
  7. Buffing up or make it faster to upgrade broadswords men to add a extra unit to RM games (short swordsmen are trash)
  8. land merchant units?

Post this on the Beta subforums, not here in the open ones.