Possible Changes to Abbasid

Hello together,

I would like to post a suggestion to maybe change the House of Wisdom from Abbasid.
Love to play that civ since the release but always felt a bit off with the HoW.


Change the HoW to the center of the Abbasid Dynasty and play all around the HoW.

-Abbasid start without HoW but with additional villagers
-HoW building time is increased
-Make the HoW 6x6 or 8x8 to fit more with existing buildings
-Change the HoW to TC production with all TC techs and drop off possibility
-HoW can produce villagers like a TC and research HoW techs at the same time
-Abbasid can no longer build additional TC but upgrade the HoW to additional villager production
-HoW gains +10 house space in DA, +20 in FA, +30 in CA, +40 in IA
-HoW has an integrated tower in DA, 2 in FA,3 in CA and 4 in IA
-HoW can garrison 15 units in DA,20 units in FA, 25 in CA, 30 in IA. TC upgrade gives +10 garrison units
-HoW can be ugraded with stone in CA to gain additional fire resistance,health and gain possibility to emplace keep technology and fortified weapons
-HoW connection to other buildings is increased to make walls between HoW and other buildings
-HoW is the ONLY landmark available for Abbasid
-After all 4 age tech the HoW is complete and gains additional health, fire resistance and armor

Changes such as stated above would give Abbasid a unique playstyle all around its center building, the HoW
It is more local in drawback and has only one landmark that it has to defend at all costs.
Additional buildings would create a more pleasing experience to go outwards from the HoW main building.
It fits with the character of Abbasid playstyle to continously expand and make the Dynasty larger around its center.
Abbasid strenght is supposed to be in late game with a large number of buildings and a lot of research.
The transition from one starting landmark to the lategame would fit well with the suggestions.

In early game Abbasid has to fortify and defend its only landmark against enemies and are very local since Abbasid could not build additional TC for protection by example

Villagers out of “town” have to be secured by combat units, towers and keeps in CA rather than additional TC.

What you guys think of this suggestions? Any Abbasid main feel the same as I do?
Please feel free to add additional suggestions or changes.

See ya.

You want to take them from 2 landmarks down to 1?

Also they can’t expand with other TCs?

Definitely hate this idea. Does not seem to be improving anything.

Yes that is pretty much what I wrote up there.

Abbasid is supposed to expand around its HoW.

Of course you have the right for your own opinion but I prefer constructive critics.

The improvement would be the HoW. A very powerful landmark and center of dynasty that can be upgraded as you expand. It would give Abbasid a more unique playstyle and character.

They already have that though. This just puts pretty much everything into their one single building. I don’t see how that is an improvement at all.

Making that their only place to produce villagers greatly limits them as well. Expanding is worse, if they are defending at the HoW they cannot keep making villagers, they become much worse at gaining map control, they become even more susceptible to things like fire lancer snipes, etc…

There will be less expansion. They also need less houses now, and can’t even make TCs, so that is less buildings for their golden ages.

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Thank you for your input.

The HoW would be upgradable and with all the garrison space it would defend much better against snipes.
Of course it would be very wise to properly build around the HoW to even defend it better. Walls and other buildings.

This are of course only suggestion and not refined and balanced solutions.
The house problem could be balanced by making one house 5 pop spaces like the malians have.
In this example 160 pop space equals 32 houses. But keep it 50 wood as example.
Usually you build one extra TC maybe 2 so that count is very little change if they cant build new TC.
But to be honest I rather have only 16 houses and the rest in production buildings.
I like the unique playstyle of most civs. Mongols can move their base. you play around that.
malians generate gold and food over time. you play around that. ottomans produce units for free. you play around that. etc. etc.
Abbasid has the HoW and you play around it. But it always felt a bit off for me. I imagined from release that this building should be much more powerful, upgradeable and the center of the whole civ.