Possible Characteristics of Japanese Archers

The Japanese use a special bow and arrow called “Yumi”, which has a unique shape and is vastly different from the composite bow of China Mongolia Central Asia.

According to historical records, this type of bow has great power, with arrows resembling a small javelin, but at the cost of having a close range. Archers usually try to approach the enemy before firing.Although they all look huge, the range of a British longbow can reach 300 meters. And YUMI has a maximum range of only about 100 meters, but its lethality is very high, and the closer it is, the greater its power.
A Ming dynasty general once commented on Yumi as follows: “All arrows are heavy, all bows are strong, and all hair is not far.(矢皆重,弓皆劲,发皆不远。)”

So in AOE4, this type of unit may have similar characteristics: high damage, and may even pose a certain threat to heavy armor (replacing the position of a crossbow player, as it is well-known that the Japanese use crossbows is as rare as holding shields), but with short range and slow loading.

In summary, this is a very important feature about Japanese archery, and I hope the production team can pay attention to it and reflect it in the game.

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Don’t know if they can do the specific animation for the Japanese horse archer, but that is what players like me always want to see.

It should fit somewhere in between a bow and crossbow functionally, as the Japanese almost never used crossbows.