Possible DC Exploit or Bug

So I had just started a game, and after ~50sec, my opponent surrendered and I got a victory screen. However, in the match history, it is classified as a defeat. Clicking on the match statistics however says that I had a victory next to the player name (I am the blue Delhi player; notice how it says defeat on top, but victory next to my name). So…what happened here? Any insight? I thought my opponent had DC’d or just left at the start, but not if it’s giving ME the defeat. For what it’s worth, I did also consider that maybe I DC’d, but nothing indicated that at the time (internet still operational, no DC message, etc.)

I am aware that there is an exploit that some players are running into where they are disconnected from the game whilst they are winning, however, this seemed a little bit different than from what I have read about that exploit so far. Anyway, any insight would be appreciated!

This one is interesting. My guess is that it’s a classification/sorting error rather than a results error. I’m going to take this to the team for investigation, but I’ll leave this thread open in case others experience this we can hopefully get more information.

If you view the replay @Cresc3ndo, do you see “Victory!” or “Defeat” at the end?