Possible fix for boars despawning when killed by muslim civs

i came here after reading this reddit post

amateur game dev here

this is just blaming players for a bug easily fixed

it is pure lazy programming

they made all boars killed my muslim units despawn to prevent muslim villagers from gathering it

the solution is very easy, instead of destroying the corpse on boar death
just add two bools

bool muslimCiv; //this bool is on player, always true if hes playing muslim civ, pretty sure you already have it since boar corpse is only destroyed by muslim civs

bool boar; //this is true on the resource gameobject, in our example the boar corpse gameobject

example code:

//if the played civ is non muslim civ, and the resource is a boar

if (!muslimCiv && boar)


//gather code here


else if (!boar)


//gather code here for the rest of resources


i use unity , i dont know if it possible on this game engine, but it seem like an easy fix

hopefully a dev see this and it helps fix it

good luck!

This is not a bug and is working as designed @AzzeddineXT. That said, I will make sure all feedback from here and the linked thread is captured. Thanks!