Possible Poles and Bohemians changes


Hussite Reforms (Monks and Monastery upgrades have their gold cost replaced by food)
→ changed to
Hussite Reforms (Monks and Monastery upgrades
have their gold cost replaced by food at a (1.5x or 2x rate))

Hussite wagon speed changed from ____ to that of a slightly garrisoned ram (with the faster gunpowder speed research increasing it afterwards to that of a further garrisoned ram of a certain amount up to a fully garrisoned ram depending on wanted speed)


Villagers regenerate 5 HPs per minute in Dark, 10 in Feudal, 15 in Castle, 20 in Imperial Age
→ changed to
Villagers regenerate 15 HPs per minute in castle age, 20 in imperial Age

Folwark now affects all food sources within its range(including farms with only 1 tile/foot within range of the border(being inside the border, not outside while the rest of the farm may be outside of the border))

Gold gained from stone mining reduced from a 1/2 rate to 1/4 rate.

Szlachta Privileges (Knights cost -60% gold)
→ changed to
Szlachta Privileges (Knights cost -33% gold and scout line costs -33% food)


Isn’t it a bit early to propose changes?
Wait at least a month I’d say.


What about :

Bohemians :

  • loose theocracy (avoid too convenient mass trash monk)
  • Hussite reforms do not apply to upgrades anymore.
  • agree on Hussite Wagon. Speed should be tuned down. Not sure about the value.
  • monastery discount removed (Bohemians have too many bonuses. Honestly sanctity and fervor applied to villagers is incitative enough to get a monastery)

Poles :

  • get halbs
  • Lechitic Legacy : add a +3 damages Vs archers type (close to Logistica) in order to help them Vs scattered formations.
  • too early to nerf their gold from stone generation, but this one needs to be kept under observation. Could scale with age (10/20/30/40%).
  • too early to nerf Szlachta privilege but discount should not be changed, or their Cav will be useless in Imp. If required, tuned up the cost.

I dont see a reason to change Poles regeneration rate. Regeneration is just a slighty buff, nothing more, it’s not even good for tower rushes as everybody thought this will be.


Let’s not ignore the prerequisites for cheaper Polish knights. First you must invest in a castle meaning you are forced to mine stone, and then spend resources and time to research the Szlachta.
I must agree that 60% cheaper knights adds up over time and in combination with their supposedly better Hussars (which I’ve seen lose to Magyar ones though) is a little much and could be reduced to 40-50% while buffing the civ elsewhere in return.

Especially since you already have a decent trash Cavalry unit and don’t need bad Cavaliers to fulfill the same role.
Both Hera and Viper as well as other pros already said that the Poles appear to be well balanced so far, except maybe for their tower rush potential.

Nerfing the stone-gold trickle even by a bit would only leave them with the 10% instant collected food from farms, which wouldn’t suffice to pull off strategies they need to compensate for the lack of Halberdiers, viable Heavy Cavalry past Castle Age or good Archers (missing the final Armor Upgrade and without any bonus) in order to have a chance against Heavy Cavalry and Camel civs in the late game.

That’s my take, time and statistics will tell more.

In another thread they say the hussite wagon should be pulled by horses and that when in battle the horses would be stored inside / would be appropriate if the wagons move slowly without the horses and the horses might be employed to increase speed and must be stored again to attack once more / a stance function would work for this function perhaps

Hmm that’s a huge nerf bat to the Poles civ. I’d say it’s way too early to call for such major nerfs. I’m not even sure whether this civ will even end up needing any nerfs.

As for Bohemians, I like your ideas, they’re more or less similar to what I’d like to change. Bohemians are also well balanced, just need to adjust the HW speed slightly and make trash monks not so appealing as they are now.

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For the poles I’d like to make their winged hussars cheaper or gain the last armor upgrade tbh

Making them more similar to goth spam vs making them quality

The main point nerfing their tower rush potential similar to incas while increasing their castle age to late-game versatility as well as buffing the Folwark by allowing whatever its range touches to be affected rather than only affecting food sources within 2 tiles distance from the actual building since as of current 3 tiles away and farms don’t get affected currently.

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No need to wait much. Poles are broken.


Poles late game - Age of Empires II: DE / II - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

I initially too thought that Bohemians Monks would be OP, but then realized that they die to Hussar Skirm pretty hard and Hussar is pretty good vs Hussite Wagon spam it turns out also. If you are a civ that relies a lot on those expensive units, say Franks, just scout the monasteries or try to finish the game before the Bohemians have chances to mass Monks or research Faith or Heresy.

ngl it might be me not having played the unit enough but I don’t see it as that OP at the moment. Equal numbers of Gold-costing cav generally can crush Hussite Wagons and the fact that they don’t have Ballistics and only a range of 6 even on the Elite version makes them pretty unappealing to me. They are not bad when massed and can be dangerous but can also be countered easily I think, don’t see them as a problematic unit atm though again, I haven’t played too many games with them but 1 thing I am sure of is that pure Hussite Wagon flood is bad, which leads me to ask you, what complement unit do you run with them?

this is a bit strong, I was playing vs a guy in Feudal Age and checking the replay after, I did some Scouts to harass him and as my last Scout died after a successful raid, I hit 1 Villager for 1 last hit, bringing him from 40 to 36 (hill penalty I guess as I had Forging). The villager regenerated nearly instantly and it felt weird because with a Knight follow up, for example on that Villager it would have been 4 hits instead of 5 assuming I had no Forging.

I don’t think this is needed, Poles eco is fine atm, they just need a bit of help in military aspect.

agreed but I’d start with a 1/3 rate OR go for 1/4 but then give them something useful like last Cavalry armor and nerf something in return like Slachzta privileges.

meh, why play Poles to get a -33% gold discount, which basically is like a -35% total resources discount, might as well play Berbers at that point, no Castle drop needed, no UT needed. Btw the -60% gold looks insane because you also pay for the UT, the UT is not free and you should include its cost in the Knights you produce, so I think for example -50% gold is a good start.

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My first guess would be Hussite Wagon x Hand Canons(with patrol or attack move to keep them behind the wagons)x Haufnice(micro’d specifically well)
Beyond that, adding in trash monks for further flexibility perhaps.

The Wagon dps seems to be lacking alone even when using a group to attempt to take down a single unit, takes too much time / the hand canons behind them fix that

That might still be vulnerable to scouts, but only in mass numbers

It may have been my imagination but last night I looked inside a garrisoned building and the hp of the units healed very very fast, if I wasn’t imagining it(was using Teutons) might be a new regeneration speed glitch? Might be nothing tho, for all I know I dreamed it 11
Perhaps it was just that the units were castle age scouts and vills with little hp needing to be actually healed come to think of it 11

Teutons get Herbal medecine for free.

I am actually gladly surprised, Heal Fortress.
That’s the first change proposal of you that seems really neat. Well done.

Hope you continue like this, but please don’t spam these changes, let you time :slight_smile:

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I am very much aware of this / I was thinking in the sense of after herbal meds is researched