Possible resurrection of the Empire Earth saga?

  • I would like EE to be reborn
  • Some games are better left in memory
  • What is EE?

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A few days ago I came across this news (Spanish). In short: Due to Microsoft’s purchase of Activision/Blizzard, Microsoft is now the current owner of the Empire Earth series.

I don’t know how many of you enjoyed Empire Earth, but I would personally like to see Empire Earth: Definitive Edition materialized.


This seems to be wrong information.
Empire Earth was and is still owned by Rebellion Games and not Microsoft and not Activision.

“… in 2007 when Sierra went bankrupt … … Rebellion Games bought the rights in 2009 and holds them to this day.”

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Thanks for the information! (and for reviving the topic)

Unfortunately I can no longer edit the post based on the new information, but I must state that I am interested in any future resurrection of this RTS. My most sincere apologies if I caused confusion to any reader of this topic :v:


Thank you for the reply. I am interested in this RTS too. Unfortunately, after all these years nothing has come out. :disappointed_relieved: At least a similar game, “Rise of Nations: Extended Edition”, came out in 2014. But that was a remaster of an older game. I hope someday we will have a true new game of this kind. :pray:
By the way, there is a “strategy sale” at GOG.com right now, at which Empire Earth and many other strategy games are on sale. It is surely worth to take a look at it. :heart_eyes:

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Thank you very much for the information!

I would also like an EE remake, hopefully they decide to release the EE saga in extended version on Steam. What I remember most about EE is its excellent soundtrack and that there were practically several game modes (although I admit that it had complications with the infinite resources and the superpowers of the prophets :sweat_smile:).

Nice to meet another EE lover around here :grin:

Just keep on playin’ LAN. It won’t be back unless indie’s do it. :frowning:

I have fond memories of EE (1 and 2, though iirc 2 already had a lot of changes people didn’t like?), but after subsequent fails there’s little hope of new games to resurrect the franchise.

The franchise also wasn’t that popular, so IDK if there would even be a large interest for reviving the franchise.

It’s actually half Rebellion and half Rockstar (since they bought Mad Doc Software, the creators of the expansion and subsequent games).

EE2 was good, but it had fewer campaigns and had the issue of the territories… with EE3 they directly screwed it up…

It seems it is only Rebellion.

“… We have complete ownership of the IP from the past and going forwards, so yes we’re putting our plans together for new titles in each series,” said the CEO. …"
source: Rebellion Acquires Vivendi Licenses, Considers New Franchise Titles

Unfortunately, after making the Empire Earth Series available for download on the GOG.com distribution platform, they seem to have cancelled their plans for new titles in the series.

Yes, we may never see a remaster for the EE saga, unless Rebellion asks Forgotten Empires… with the saga they can have a feast with the campaigns they can do…

EE campaign is still something I can watch for fun. It just had a way of ingraining itself into your mind with all of the overacting throughout. Like Stronghold, except not as serious.

From the same batch of 2009 acquisitions, Rebellion would only self-develop & publish a sequel to one game, Evil Genius 2 in 2021, 12 years after the acquisition.

They are essentially a private owned company who does things at their own pace, not beholden to shareholders. So you never know.

Right… if they can’t develop DE versions of the EE saga, let them give it to Forgotten Empires (obviously after they have released all the dlcs they have planned for the AoE saga)…

BRING IT TO XBOX!!! Amazing memories, no reason we can’t make more!

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