Possible solution to Alt +F4 (Without penalty)

We all are aware of how much time is wasted in the joining, re-grouping party due to Alt+F4 issue. Many solutions suggest inf bans or penalizing the small player base that we have. My solution is different and may help the devs. Please do not comment if your suggestion is aggressive or makes the community suffer… Only positive recommendations! :slight_smile:

Split the 6 major categories into their own que system

1. Arabia (28.35% played)
2. Arena (19.11% played)
3. BF (8.10% played)
4. Nomad/African Clearing (6.80% Played)

These 4 maps are pretty much 62% of our game. The 5th category can be MegaRandom Que that contains various megarandom map generations or the “fun” maps like Socotra or what ever.

Then lastly, the 6th category can be what the community votes or the devs vote. These can be the new maps or any maps that community wants from voting.

Yes this is 6 different que options but this will result is FAR LESS Waste of time. Those people who wish to play TG Arabia all day long, let them play! Those who are arena clowns or BF Amigos, let them play their map all day long. Sure the que times may be longer since we are splitting the player base but its far better than playing lobby simulator for 30 mins of Alt F4.

This is how voobly was, players were allowed to play what map they wanted all day/year long. Please dont force the community to play maps they hate or dont enjoy. Aoe2 has always been about fun, let it be the way it was.

P.S Time to rest the entire ladder elo. We know what has happened lately. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Source: https://aoestats.io/maps/RM_TEAM


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