The Alt+F4 Multiplayer Problem

I have been waiting in ques for over 20 mins because people dont want to play a certain map there should be a way to see who is doing this and suspend or ban them. outrageous this is allowed


Is this map team islands by any chance? Surprised any map is getting dodged so much as 20min…might be something else as well.


every map that isnt arabia


I fully agree. Recently i made my own thread, but havent been able to respond to the latest posts.

My thread wasnt the first about this subject either.


This issue has been discussed before and you will find posters on this very forum who actually conceded that they not only endorse this behavior but also engage in it themselves. The extent of selfishness and dogmatism of human beings never ceases to amaze me…


Like this guy

Doesn’t seem to realise how much he’s annoying other players.


Don’t mind it in 1v1s, because it was probably some trash map I didn’t want to play anyways

Bit obnoxious in tgs though, because you’re making a lot of people wait

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I dunno if banning is the right answer-- but punishing them for sure. Dodging a ranked match should result in a loss-- and either nothing happening or granting a win for the other person.


What is next ban ppl if they beat you? cause you wanted to spend ur time only winning?

This TG maps are horrible, you don’t have enough bans, if you queue alone you can only ban one single map, if you don’t want to play nomad, arena, bf, team islands, mountain ridge and the 2 tcs map, why do you have to spend your reduced time playing those, don’t come with host unranked cause that can be said to you aswell.

I queued with my friends and we got 3 freaking nomads in a row vs the same guys, they just ban arabia and the other playable maps forcing you to play their HM.

The MM is not evolving at all, people is starting to abuse it, hence alt f4 remains as the only option to not playing maps you don’t want to.

Anyway i have lost more points and time by the constant DC when the game starts.


I hate map dodgers but I can also feel you. I don’t like these nomadic and 2tc maps either.

If they add too much bans for map, it only makes the queue time way longer (up to 10 mins)

You now have the favorite map to choose, if you don’t get that, it probably means you never would at this time

The solution is simple:
Once a match is found, you need to drop ELO if you don’t show up.

Alt+F4? Free ELO for opponent.


That’s probably a really good solution
But there are the cases of a crash (which at the same time one might exploit it with a literal Alt-F4)

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If you crash, you lose.

It’s harsh but only that way the system can’t be gamed.

Solution to crashes is a reconnect feature. Like when you disconnect, the game pauses (or keeps running without you, why not), but you can restart the game and rejoin the action (within a reasonable amount of time).

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I’m not suggesting this as a solution but it seems like the only way around all this is to have “rooms” for each map. Everyone wanting only Arabia go to that room, everyone wanting to play random from the regular pool go to that room.

Or just make more maps that people want to play - easier said than done I’m sure.

1v1 seems fine, but TGs are very toxic indeed.

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Have you heard about the lobby? If your suggestion was great, than everyone is playing in the lobby already.


I didn’t say it was a solution but if you say that it’s the way the lobby works now, then why are there problems? I guess “rooms” should be dedicated lobbies where you know going in exactly what map you’re going to get. That’s all I was trying to say.

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I agree with you.

It is actually more ranked queue, like having Arabia queue, Random map queue, Nomad queue. Or a full maps pool with unlimited bans and preference. They are basically the same thing: let people avoid the maps they don’t want.

Some people argue that it will make waiting time longer. But I don’t mind. The lobby is so bad. Stop feeding me the game modes I don’t like. No stupid 0 TC or 2 TCs start. I just want to play a regular game.


So you are complaining that you have to spend time playing the map you don’t like, but at the same time it’s perfectly fine that other people have to spend 20 minutes in lobbies because of players leaving. Quitting the game has to be punished otherwise there is no reason to not abuse this for trolling or getting the very particular map you want.

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