Possible Swedes Gameplay

Just from a quick search (looking for the name of that little cannon, which I now assume is the ‘leather cannon’) I came across a military system known as the ‘allotment system’.

Just a simple copy and paste explanation:

It was at this point that the allotment system was introduced, which was a very new idea for the time. Each city or region of the country had to provide a certain amount of troops, based on their size and economy, and help feed those soldiers. These soldiers would drill regularly and practice with the army, and go to war when needed, but if there was no war going on, they would spend their downtime working on the farms of those who were feeding them.

This ensured that everyone in the country was a part of the war effort, that the burden was fairly shared, and that the army was incredibly strictly trained and fully prepared at any time for whatever the king desired them for. This new army was to be known as the Caroleans, and would be the elite fighting force for Sweden during the Great Northern War.

So it looks like we could be seeing the new Carolean unit (which probably replaces skirmishers AND musketeers) gathering resources while not fighting.

Also to note, Caroleans could be trained at these small looking farms, possibly named ‘rotar’:

Your opinions wanted!


I don’t know how the game will reflect the civ, but I really hope that the introduction of the swedes means that we are getting a European scenario.

For example sweden had an important role on the thirty years war.

Whith that I hope that will come more European maps, campaigns (or battles) and civs.


Looks to me like we will just have fantasy campaigns and these new 1-scenario battles (which sucks).

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That’s not necessarily true, some aoe3 campaign were historically accurate enough (the war chief and the Indians and Japanese campaigns told a story, but with a historic background and weren’t fantasy).

So there is hope, even in the forum of a DLC, or mods.

Well, I liked those in aoe2, if they follow the same theme in aoe3 I don’t see the problem.

I really hope for a new Europe 30 years war theme, because aoe3 would fit perfectly in my opinion.

For example, the native tribes sistem could work perfectly as the various smallest pieces of the holy roman empire, or of the other smallest partecipants of the war.


The mercenarys sistem and the home city supply/reinforcements would also fit, since a nation like swede would basically constantly fight on a enemy territory, and would have long supply lines.

I also wander what civilization the revolved swedes would be

The military revolutions of these guys will be the reason of why they are going to be the Cumans of AOE3 at release.

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Swedes during the 30 years war used innovative tactics for field gunpowder infantry, so maybe they would have faster or faster firing musketeers, or a similar UU.

I think that most of the swedes army should be made by “musketeers-like-infantry”, maybe it could be a UU, maybe the caroleans.

Then small and light cannons and good hussars and dragons should be the other support units.

What they should lack are archaic units, like xbows and halbs, since the swedes army was one of the most modern at the time, only pikes should be available for them.

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I do respect your idea and I like it a lot. I was thinking about the swiss pikeman who defend the vatican now. They may have strong pike army, maybe better than halbers. I am not sure it will be effective but It could be good to see some strong pikeman units. To be honest your idea seems more OP to me :smiley:

The swiss pikes are already in the game mercenarys, but as standard units it standard pikes are more than enough.

Consider that the new and modern sweden army reduced the numbers of pikes by 2 third, relying more on musketeers.

Hackapells as cavalries maybe? If yes, they will be extremely powerful attackers due to the attack power of hackapells ( 125 if I remember right )

Isn’t already a mercenary unit?

nerfs are coming to that unit, if it’s going to be a unique civ unit, similar to the uhlan

How do you know

It’s just a thought, if such a strong unit is going to be trainable, don’t spect it to do +100 melee dmg.

I don’t think that Hakkapells will be removed as mercenaries

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Yeah they cost like 1000+ coin and you can only make a few of them iirc

If they could’ve removed the Iroquois & Lakota natives to be trainable units, I don’t see why they wouldn’t remove hakkapells mercs to a trainable unit

They can do that but the trainable unit will have worse stats than the mercenary one just as it happened with the Japanese samurai vs the mercenary one