Possible Turks buff

Hello, I was playing only turks lately in arabia and I wonder if could be a good buff give their CA a little speed bonus. From 1.4 to 1.47 (+5%).

If turks need buffs anywhere it’s not too their cav archers.


nah thats coppieng from cumans a bit too much. besides turks already have enough bonuses

i think a better buff is to match the accuracy of the handcannon with the jannisary. or give elite jannisary +1 pierce armor to make the elite upgrade more worth it

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Castle age Jan’s are fine.

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Cuman’s buff affects CA? Or just Cavalry?

Turks are ok on arabia, any new buffs would make them even more broken on closed maps


CA are cavalry. so yes cuman bonus effects them


Why not? Is not CA one of the main options for turks? But besides other CA civs like Mongols or huns their has no free bonus, and gold combo is no usually worth it

agreed. however elite jannissary is not real that good and i feel they could use some buffs. we have seen alot of buffs to hand cannons while jannis have been ignored.

But in closed maps mobility is not so important, and Turks have better combo for closed maps

No more Buffs to the Turks lol, just git gud at using them on Arabia, they are fine here, and omega top on Arena


Turks’ late game on arena and such is literally Hussars + CA

Because they already have a bonus for their cav archers (in a sense they have 3). And that bonus would overlap with cumans


Elite jans could in theory use love but turks are already solid at that stage of the game.


I am always favorable for buffing turks. They got buffed after 20 years despite they really needed it.

Now they are okay, if any some small Arabia help is welcome, but not for CAs imo…

The elite janissary upgrade should definitely be cheaper and possibly have +5% accuracy. This won’t have too much affect on 1v1 at the high level so I don’t see it being a problem. It’s an underused upgrade.

Its accuracy already got buffed, and it already has one of the cheapest elite upgrades…

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Turks are fine lol
Watch Viper’s arabia civ tier list, they are mid tier at worst
They are also insane on arena and other closed maps


Saying No to a Turks buff just because they are very solid only in Arena is a joke.

Turks are the only civ that has an enormous downside so obviously some other part of their roster should be strong enough.

After my recent observation and experience, I can clearly say that none of the players are using janissaries in the impetial age. No need to bother to spend sources for the imperial upgrade and they are not as effective as CA or HC. In my opinion Elite Janissary upgrade should bring +5 more HP and +10% more accuracy to Elite Janissaries jus like HC got the buff recently. It won’t make Turks stronger since already CA and HC fo the all job for Turks. Nevertheless, it gives Turks players to think twice if they want to go Elite Jans if the upgrade is worthy.

What would make Turks gameplay more fun and balanced to give some kind of second UU which might replace the lack of pikeman and skirmisher line. Not able to access these trash units make them one way to go civ.

We can discuss about an early game eco bonus but then people start to complain that Turks are OP, and so on due to the success in Arena and the discussion won’t lead anywhere.