Possible Vikings tweak

-Chieftains: Infantry +5 attack vs cavalry and Warships cost -20%
-Warship cost discount replaced by Infantry generate gold for killing villager, monks, trade

Why? I think the plunder mechanic is far more interesting in early game and fits with vikings MAA opening. Nowaday is almost a meme effect. You research chieftains only because of the bonus vs cav.
Plus, delaying a little the warships discount could make vikings a little less opresive in water maps and make landing a good option over go full water, which is almost mandatory because how strong is the bonus there.


Not a great idea. Vikings need the early warship discount since they do not have fire galleys. Without it, they’re not only generic, but they would be one of the worst water civs until imperial.


Same here. Totally disagree. Why in the earth someone will come up with such cute idea?

No need to change the water bonus. Just turn the gold plunder effect into a regular civ bonus. Its effect is negligible, but its immersion and thematic implications are big.
If you kill, let’s say, 4 vils with MAA, you’re ahead because you killed 4 enemy vils, not because you earned 20 gold.
The two effects of chieftains are also completely unrelated. It feels unpolished and clumsy in terms of design.

No. It must be turned into a civ bonus.


11 Yes, you are right, being honest, I passed totally of checking the dock tech tree of vikings before posting this. I was just thinking in land maps. I don’t like water gamplay at all. My bad, thanks for clarify it to me.

As said @Gaudio3342, plunder effect could be a regular civ bonus without mess with warship bonus.

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